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Necromunda: House Delaque Rules Teaser Plus Updated Road Map

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Jul 23 2021

Games Workshop is bringing us some new Delaque Rules to show off as well as a new Road Map for Necromunda!

Today we’re getting a twofer from Games Workshop for Necromunda. The House of Shadow book is coming soon from Games Workshop for all those sneaky House Delaque spies out there. We’re getting a look at a few of those special rules coming. And we’re also getting an update on what GW has planned for the rest of the year for Necromunda!

via Warhammer Community



“As well as in-depth background and lore on the Delaque, the book introduces new rules, making your gang feel sneakier than ever before. We’ve already seen what some of the new fighters can do – let’s look at what other tricks the Delaque have hidden in their trench coats. “

First up we have a look at a new Obfuscation Skill. This ability is called Rumour-Monger and it’s a way for you to “attack” your foes indirectly by swiping at their reputation. This one takes place in the post-battle sequence which means it won’t help you win a combat, but it will help you manage your own rep afterwards.


House Delaque is getting a batch of new Psykers and their own wyrd powers to use. Suicidal Embrace is one of the new powers and it’s going to allow players to say “stop hitting yourself” because that’s exactly what this power does. I think it might be custom tailored to help with a big ol’ Goliath bearing down on your new Psykers.

Alternatively, if you’re looking to shut down any Psychic Shenanigans, then perhaps you should get yourself a Psychic Null:

New Road Map

“While House of Shadow might feature rules for the last of the six “classic” gangs, this is by no means the end of the excitement in the underhive. We’ve got plenty more coming up for Necromunda this year – take a look at our new road map to see a selection of the releases that are heading your way.”

So there you have it! More stuff is planned after the last “classic” house comes out. Orlock, Van Saar, and Cawdor upgrades and weapons coming soon. Plus another new gang and allies are on the way. Anyone want to take a stab and what the new gang will be? Ratkin? Muties? Ohhh GW has options…



What do you think of the new rules for the Delaque? How about that new road map?

Author: Adam Harrison
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