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Necromunda: House of Shadow Explored – The Definitive Guide To House Delaque…or Is It?

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Jul 31 2021

The House of Shadow is the definitive guide to the mysterious House Delaque. And while it doesn’t answer all the mysteries, it does point you in the right direction. Maybe.

We got our hands on the new House of Shadow book for Necromunda. It’s the last of the “main” house books and it does cover a lot of the history and lore of House Delaque. But this mysterious house seems to have contrary and convoluted histories – and that’s how they like it.

Book…House of Shadows

This book basically functions as sourcebook for House Delaque. It is the definitive guide for their history and lore. And while the house’s origins is still a mystery this book does provide some of the background and highlights of their actions in the hive. Unlike other houses who supply goodies or industry in the Hive, House Delaque provides a unique service: Information. At least, that’s what they want you to think. They are also able to provide of so much more. Sabotage, assassination, infiltration, and well, all the sneaky and clandestine things you’d expect from a House that’s full of spies.

If you’re a lore-junkie, this book is certainly worth a read. It’s the first really deep-dive into House Delaque, and much like the other House books before it, you’ll definately learn a thing or two about what make them tick. However, if you’re just here for the rules this book has them.

On top of rules for all the classic hits (the main gangers, Bounty Hunters, Hangers-on, Brutes, etc.) this book also has rules for the new stuff, too. All the new agents and are in this book from close-combat focused Nacht-Ghuls to the creepy Psy-Gheists, and even the terrifying Piscean Spektor. Oh and Psychic Powers. Because this house runs with Unsanctioned Psykers and they have their own disciplines to use, too.


There are tons of Delaque specific additional rules like favors, subplots and new Obfuscation skills. Plus, you’ll get your own unique mission, a deep-dive in to the Delaque armory and wargear, as well as a handful of famous (or infamous) Dramatis Personae. Again, it’s everything you’d expect in a House Sourcebook.

Necromunda: House Of Shadow

Unlike other Houses, that are built upon vital industries or are bound together by faith, he Delaque have no defined home and no defined industrial role within Necromundan society. If one were to ask what purpose the Delaque, one would doubtless receive myriad answers. Some believe them to be information brokers, who deal in secrets and buy and sell this vital commodity to the highest bidder. Others claim they are afforded their place because of some clandestine deal with the Helmawr line, and that they are spies for the Imperial House. Still others claim the Delaque are assassins and saboteurs without peer.

Get the ultimate guide to House Delaque. This 128-page hardback book features the definitive history of the House and rules for fielding the six different types of fighters available to House Delaque – Master of Shadow, Phantom, Nacht-Ghul, Psy-Gheist, Ghost, and Shadow. It’s ideal for fans of House Delaque or anyone who wants to delve deeper into the dark side of the underhive.

Inside this book you will find:

– House Delaque History and Background: An expansive and extensive background on the origins of House Delaque and how it went on to become the most secretive clan on Necromunda.

– House Delaque Gang List: All the rules you need in order to field a Delaque Gang in games of Necromunda.


– Hangers-on and Brutes: Rules for hiring Hangers-on and Brutes for your Gang, including Delaque-specific ones and for using them in games of Necromunda.

– Hired Guns: Rules for using Bounty Hunters, House Agents, and Hive Scum.

– Strong Alliances: Rules for forming alliances with three organisations that House Delaque has connections with, including the Iron Guild, Psi-Syndica, and House Ty – the Noble House that backs the House of Shadow.

– Additional Rules: This section includes new and additional rules usable by House Delaque gangs in games of Necromunda, providing Delaque players a variety of options, including Skills, Abilities, and gang-specific terrain.

– Weapon Reference Chart: A comprehensive weapons reference chart for all weapons and wargear available to House Delaque and their Allies.

– House Delaque Gang Tactics: A D66 table of Gang Tactics for use in Scenarios.

– Dramatis Personae: Rules for hiring and using three brand-new Dramatis Personae characters in your games of Necromunda.

This is an expansion to Necromunda – you’ll need a copy of the Necromunda Rulebook or the Necromunda: Dark Uprising Rulebook to use the contents of this book.




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