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Runescape Mobile – The BoLS Review

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Jul 12 2021

RuneScape is a blast from the days of MMORPGs past. Now on Mobile, RuneScape delivers a world with more than 20 years of adventure.

Time is a flat circle. For proof, you need look no further than the 1990s renaissance that pop culture and fashion are in right now. We’re all the way back to the turn of last century, which is fitting because today we’re talking about a game that stretches back to the beginning of our current century. I’m talking about RuneScape.

Yes, RuneScape, that RuneScape, which you probably played late nights alongside games of Goldeneye or Perfect Dark on the N64, depending on how cool you were. RuneScape, developed by Jagex games was first introduced to the world in 2001. Now, it’s right there in the palm of your hands, with a new mobile version of the latest RuneScape. The world of Gielinor beckons, and offers up boundless adventure through your mobile device.

Here’s the quickest and dirtiest overview possible–if you’ve played RuneScape 3, you’ve played RuneScape mobile, and if you haven’t, then let’s talk about what you’re in for. Because the mobile version of the game is a surprisingly smooth adaptation of the latest RuneScape, and now crossplay is supported no matter what device you’re playing on.

Which means you can play with from anywhere and still progress your character. And you’ll want to. Because if there’s one thing that RuneScape does well, it’s offer up reasons to keep playing. And one of the biggest reasons to keep playing is the playerbase.

Boasting 30-40,000 active players (which is incredible for a game that came out before the release of World of Warcraft), RuneScape offers you amazing social play. And it’s incredibly flexible as well, since one character can engage in many different modes of play, whether that’s melee, magic, ranged, or healing–and you can swap even mid-session. It might ruin you for other MMOs, because you get used to being able to swap to whatever you need.


The game boasts a pretty expansive early game–in the first few hours, you’ll explore the world of Gielinor, following an informative tutorial quest that will then open up the world and throw you into a sandbox of your own devising. RuneScape is a game that heavily relies on you to decide what you want to do–it’s self-directed in a way that most MMOs aren’t. You won’t be finding random fetch quests, instead as you go on adventures, you’ll find people in need of your help, you’ll explore the map, the only thing you won’t be doing is collecting ten wolf pelts for a random weirdo.

You should be prepared for a little bit of a grind once you get past the mid-game. RuneScape wants you to level up your various skills, as well as gathering up the crafting materials needed to make amazing gear. But what you’ll really have fun with is the massive monsters.

Now, the real secret to RuneScape is unlocking boss fights. Back in the day, fights against powerful monsters were some of the most challenging, but fun battles in the game. However, I haven’t tried this out in the mobile version–so this experience comes solely from the PC end of things, but as the two are basically the same, this should still hold true.

All in all, RuneScape offers fun combat, quests that don’t feel like the same old repetitive MMO quests and when you get to the point that you can solo bosses yourself, you’ll truly feel like a master.

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