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Star Wars: Legion – 12 New Legion Inspired Wallpapers From Atomic Mass Games

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Jul 15 2021

Atomic Mass Games has released 12 great looking new Star Wars: Legion wallpapers with some icon Star Wars characters!

If you’ve got a phone in need of a background or a desktop that needs a collage of awesome Star Wars: Legion characters, then Atomic Mass Games has a treat for you. They have released 12 new wallpapers for you to download and enjoy!

via Atomic Mass Games Facebook

Death Troopers


Wookie Warriors

BX-Series Droid Commandos

ARC Troopers

Anakin Skywalker

Count Dooku


Luke Skywalker

Darth Vader

B1 Battle Droids

Rebel Trooper

Storm Trooper

Clone Troopers

Download your favorite and decorate your phone background or pretty much whatever device you can put a wallpaper on!



Which one is your favorite? Let us know who you’re going to rep in the comments section!

Author: Adam Harrison
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