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Star Wars: X-Wing – ‘Fury of the First Order’ Squadron Pack Preview From Atomic Mass Games

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Jul 24 2021

Atomic Mass Games is showing off some of the contents from the upcoming ‘Fury of the First Order’ Squadron Pack!

X-Wing Pilots, it’s time get Hype for some new Aces for the First Order. Check out what’s heading to a tabletop near you from Atomic Mass Games and Star Wars: X-Wing.

via Atomic Mass Games (facebook)

“Take the fight to the Resistance with the Fury of the First Order Squadron Pack! Featuring the TIE/wi Whisper Modified Interceptor, and two TIE/se Bomber miniatures, this Squadron pack brings exciting new options to the First Order!

This product releases September 24. Pre-order at your local game store or on our webstore here



Star Wars X-Wing 2nd Ed: Fury of the First Order $49.95


The First Order’s starfighter engineers continue to develop new technologies for use by their ace pilots, and the Fury of the First Order Squadron Pack allows players to bring these advanced starfighters to their games of Star Wars™: X-Wing!. The TIE/se Bomber bristles with a heavy payload of ordnance, while the TIE/wi Whisper Modified Interceptor is a deadly craft worthy of the Supreme Leader himself. Armed with its stealth capabilities, advanced maneuverability, and heavy weapon turret, Kylo Ren leads his fanatical 709th Legion as they mercilessly hunt pockets of resistance across the galaxy.

This squadron pack includes content for Kylo Ren and his devoted diehards, featuring new abilities and upgrades based on their appearance in Star Wars™: The Rise of Skywalker and Star Wars™: Resistance. This pack includes everything you need to add 1 TIE/wi Whisper Modified Interceptor ship and 2 TIE/se Bomber ships to your games of Star Wars: X-Wing! 14 pilot cards create a pool of versatile pilots for these ships which can be customized in a myriad of ways with the 32 included upgrade cards. Players eager to play with these ships can as soon as possible can utilize the four included Quick Build cards which will get these powerful ships on the table in record time with effective suggestions on upgrades and configurations.

Have at it X-Wing Aces!


Author: Adam Harrison
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