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Warhammer 40K: House Delaque And Necromunda Get New Minis Next Week

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Jul 25 2021

Are you ready for shadowy dealings deep beneath the Underhive? Next week, the House of Shadow book releases, and with it, new minis.

Things are heating up in the Underhive, and it’s going to be a banner day for House Delaque, which is a creepy thing to write. Everything about House Delaque is somehow sinister, probably because of their whole aesthetic. I mean look at them. Look at these wanna-be Spacing Guild from Dune mixed with a bit of Dark City creepos:

It’s the kind of look where, even if you’re working in a coffeeshop–which have to exist in Necromunda, right? I mean there’s no way someone isn’t slinging coffee, or I guess “kaf” because it’s the future and you can’t just call it coffee–but like picture a House Delaque barista for a moment. At any rate, if you want to learn more about the House of Shadow, this is the book to do it.


Available in 128-page hardback and ebook formats, the House of Shadow reveals the mysterious history behind the most secretive of the Great Houses. 

Also included in the book are rules for the full roster of Delaque Gangers, Hangers-on, Brutes, and Hired Guns, as well as the esoteric weapons, wargear, and gang tactics they favour. It’s your one-stop shop for all things Delaque.

Accompanying the new book is a wave of new miniatures that look ready to do something with your brain, if they can get to it:

To ensure your Delaque gang is kitted out with all their specialist fighters, grab yourself a Nacht-Ghul Psy-Gheists, and Piscean Spektor set – it contains a total of seven combatants, including Prospects, Brutes, Exotic Beasts, and a Champion. These reinforcements are ready to enter the fray equipped with a variety of unfathomable wargear from the armoury of the House of Shadows.


Or if you think that House Delaque is sort of the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune, and you’d like to take up arms against them, then you can do that literally with a new House Orlock expansion, also up for pre-order this weekend:

A new weapons & upgrades kit will ensure your miniatures are always well-armed.

Rounding out the release is Lady Credo, a Rebel Lord who is available to fight for the highest bidder. If you want a powerful all-rounder to add to your roster, Lady Credo is a great choice.

One last thing for next week, you can bring the fight to Metalica with a new terrain set:


Or beef up your old terrain kits with the online-order only return of the Galvanic Magnavent, Ferratonic Furnace, and Transterranic Gantries.

Okay now imagine a House Delaque record store

Author: J.R. Zambrano
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