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Warhammer 40K: Ork Combat Patrol Spotted – Looks Great, New Minis

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Jul 28 2021
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There’s a picture doing the rounds of the upcoming Ork Combat Patrol. This one looks like a keeper, with almost all new minis!


The new Ork Combat Patrol has been spotted in this pic from what looks like an upcoming White Dwarf. This image has been doing the rounds all over social media and many forums.


The contents look pretty good. This time around to go with the new codex we get:

  • Ork Boyz (x20)
  • Ork Warboss in Mega Armor
  • DeffKoptas (x3)
  • Deff Dread

That is actually a pretty solid box with a lot of new models, and is useful from the point of view of forming the core of a new army to build around. For that matter two of these Combat Patrol boxes put together is pretty solid as well! It looks like the only existing mini is the Deff Dread, which still looks great. I’m most excited for the new plastic Koptas (AT LAST)!  We’ve all been waiting a very, very long time for those to touch down.


For a quick comparison, here’s the previous Ork Start Collecting box. It contained the following:

  • Painboy
  • Nobz (x5, ammo runt)
  • Boys (x11)
  • Deff Dread


~No word on pricing yet for the new box, but so far, all of the recent combat Patrols have been $140/£85/110 €.

Author: Larry Vela
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