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Warhammer 40K: Orks Get New ‘Dakka’ Weapon Type In Upcoming Codex

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Jul 14 2021
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The Greentide is coming soon and the new Ork Codex has a bountiful amount of goodies inside it’s covers. Get ready for More DAKKA!

The Ork Armory is getting some massive changes. Not only are the Orks getting a new weapon-type approriately called “Dakka” they are getting tons of other tweaks to weapon profiles. First up, let’s talk about the new weapon type that is sure to make your Orky WAAAGH!!! roar with more Dakka!

via Warhammer Community

” Dakka is no longer an ability, it’s an entirely new weapon type! And that weapon type has two separate attack values, giving you many more shots when firing at up to half your maximum range.”


That sounds promising! Can we get an example to two to show off the new weapon type? We can?! Thanks, GW:

So in this case if the target is within 18″ the weapon fires 16 shots, if the are not within 18″ then it’s “only” 12 shots. That’s pretty straight forward. How about another example of a ridiculous amount of firepower?

“Likewise, the Gorkanaut’s deffstorm mega-shoota moves from a Heavy 18 to a frankly alarming Dakka 30/20. Yes, that’s 30 Strength-6 shots within 18” – considerably more than most Orks can be bothered to count.”


Okay, wow – that’s just silly but also very orky. And you know what else, there are LOTS of weapons that are getting changes. Here’s a bunch more GW threw out there for folks to take a look at:


It’s not just your typical shootas that got upgrades either. Rokkits got some love, too:



And how about some love for the Kustom Mega-Blasta? Sure why not:

The tweaks just keep coming. There’s lot of changes to the weapon in the Ork Arsenal and GW left us with one more teaser – the mighty Bubblechukka!

As silly as the name is…those bubbles are going to HURT.

These changes are a huge boon for the Ork army overall and should help bring them inline with the new edition. With more Dakka and a ton of new units the Orks are poised to make their mark on 9th for sure. The Great WAAAGH! is coming to a tabletop near you!


Orks with even MORE Dakka? The lead will be flying very soon!

Author: Adam Harrison
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