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Warhammer 40K: Top 10 Greatest Grimdark Top knots

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Jul 7 2021
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We’re ranking the top 10 top knots in all of the Grimdark. Why? Because it’s the most crucial wargear in the game!

Top knots are a time-honored traditional hairstyle for warriors of all factions in the Grimdark. Why are they so great? Maybe because they make you look distinct on the tabletop – or maybe it’s just because the sculptors wanted to make sure that the model was going to have an awesome hair day for eternity. Regardless, we’re bringing these topknots to you with our top 10 favorites!

Abaddon The Despoiler


Abaddon the Despoiler starts off our list because he’s awesome. He sets the bar by which all other top knots are measured. Some fall shorter on this list and some greater, but everyone gets compared to Ol’Zeke. Plus the new model has such a majestic mane it’s really hard to argue against it for this category.

Lelith Hesperax



Lelith Hesperax is next in our Topknot list. Her succubus locks of hair deceive her victims before she strikes blindingly fast. Are those hooks in her hair? Yes. Yes, they are.


Illic Nightspear


Illic Nightspear is a famous Eldar Ranger. Many an Imperial Guard General has wondered, “Why does that bush have a top knot?” before being sent to the void forever. The top knot is a herald of doom after all.

Ragnar Blackmane



Ragnar Blackmane definitely makes the cut. As the youngest Wolf Lord in the history of the Space Wolves his great company follows him rabidly into battle – and he’s easy to pick out in a fight because of his unwavering top knot!



The Lhamaean’s top knot is so fancy; it goes back down to the floor! Does that count? It better – cause if not, the Lhamaean threatened to poison anyone who wants to argue!

Blackstone Fortress Chaos Lord

Not only does this bring the pain with a Thunder Hammer – he brings the pain with his hair! Seriously, look at that face. He’s stuck like that cause of how tight his top knot has been pulled. It’s like a face-lift, but they use your hair to pull your face! BRUTAL.





Drazhar is on our list because his top knot is armored. Seriously, his hair has a better save than an Imperial Guardsmen!

Prince Yriel

Prince Yriel is on the list because his top knot is just so simple yet elegant. That’s royalty for ya.

The Avatar of Khaine


Avatar of Khaine is our final Topknot! He had to be. I mean, the one thing all of these people have in common (besides Topknots) is the fact that they all don’t mind a good murdering. And Khaine is the murder-god after all! It’s fitting that the Avatar of his fiery wrath sport the final spot on this list.


Questionable Mention: Jain Zar





Jain Zar – We’re not even sure if that is technically a top knot. Is it part of the mask? Is it decorative? It looks like it’s tied at the bottom which is the opposite of the top…But have you ever tried asking Jain Zar about her hair? Our recommendation: DON’T! Why? They are called Howling Banshee’s for a reason.



Dishonorable Mention: Wazdakka Gutsmek


Wazdakka Gutsmek is here because I had to give a shout-out to the Rider of the Bike of the Aporkalypse – but it’s a hair squig on his head, not a ‘real’ Topknot. Pfft. Poser.


There are quite a few more Topknots in the Grimdark – Who else do you think should have made our list?

Author: Adam Harrison
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