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Age of Sigmar – Big Stuff in 3.0

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Aug 29 2021

This looks to be one of the best editions yet.

3.0 has been out for almost 2 months now, and it brought a lot of exciting new changes to the battlefield, some even harkening back to the Fantasy games of old (a welcome change in my book). With the new FAQ drop today, a lot of clarifications, new rules, and unit changes have appeared across almost every army, some amazing, some right in the middle, and some abysmally bad, but all of which are going to shake up the meta and challenge players to think of new strategies and playstyles for their favored forces. With all that in mind, here are a few things that I think will be major factors in Age of Sigmar games going forward.

Ward Saves

Ah yes, the return of the mighty ward save and its separation from FnP type abilities, as it always should have been. Thanks to a clarification in the wording of the main rulebook, Ward saves which prevent wounds can be taken IN ADDITION to abilities that allow them to be ignored after allocation, like Deathless Minions or Nurgle’s Disgustingly Resilient. This will have a huge impact on the survivability of these models and will balance what is in some cases mediocre damage with decent survivability, especially in the case of the Undead.


Age of Sigmar 3.0 has introduced a new classification of units called Elites, which can issue generic command abilities without needing a nearby hero. While we don’t know many of these units yet, we can assume that several of the stronger units will get this designation in battletome rewrites, and the ones we have make perfect sense. Of particular note are the Beasts of Chaos Dragon Ogors, who can now act either independently of nearby Shaggoths or in concert to greater effect.

Endless Spells

While these have always been a powerful part of the game, Endless Spells are getting both a whole lot deadlier and a whole lot more manageable in 3.0. First, wizards can decide to take control of a spell they’ve cast, preventing predatory spells like Vermintide or the Wildfire Taurus from careening madly off course and being wasted. However, as of the FAQ clarification, Wizards can attempt to dispel an Endless spell in either hero phase, not just friendly ones. As scary as these spells are now, they might be a lot harder to keep on the table.

Which FAQ changes are you most/least excited to see?


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