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Age of Sigmar: How to Play Sylvaneth

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Aug 25 2021

Today we look at how to play Sylvaneth in Age of Sigmar. Make your opponents fear the forest again!

For anyone who has ever wanted to watch nature get back at all the corporations of the world…I can’t really help you, but this is a good start. The Sylvaneth bring all the angry power of life and the woodlands to the battlefield in terrifying fashion, showing how scary the forest can be when it’s mad. If you like trees, like nature, or really liked watching the Ents wreck Saruman in Lord of the Rings, this is an army to check out.

Who are the Sylvaneth?

After the fall of the World that Was, powerful elven heroes were transported to the Realms where they became the gods. One such hero was Alarielle the Everqueen, who manifested as the embodiment of Ghyran, the Realm of Life. When she pulled her share of the aelven souls out of Slaanesh, she bound their spirits to trees and bestowed them with the ancestral memories of the Wood Elves of Athel Loren. Some took to this well, while others were consumed by bitterness and anger, twisting into horrifying creatures with long claws and screeching voices. She also roused the trees to battle, then retreated into her own realm. If any should stray into a glade protected by these spirits, they are likely never to be seen again.

Why Play Sylvaneth?

Sylvaneth offers a lot of versatility of playstyle, and has some of the best positioning manipulation in the game. Their faction scenery is incredible, limiting enemy spellcasting and LoS while empowering all your troops and giving them paths around the board. Whether you like ranged supremacy, focused melee, or magical onslaughts, you’ll find something in the army for you.


  • Some of the best ambushing in the game.
  • Incredible faction scenery.
  • Kurnoth Hunters can be kitted to fit any role.
  • Extremely powerful spellcasting.


  • A strong anti-magic army can really gum up your army.
  • Your primary battleline isn’t very durable.


Your sub-factions are called warglades, and they represent forests in the different realms. Each one favors a different playstyle, like the melee-focused Winterleaf or the Treelord-heavy Oakenbrow.

Signature Rules

  • Forest Spirits – Half your army can deploy in reserve and then pop out of an Awakened Wyldwood. Great to put a Treelord right where your opponent doesn’t want it, especially since you can summon Wyldwoods as the game progresses.
  • Navigate Realmroots – Rather than moving, an unengaged unit can travel between Wyldwoods. Amazing to redeploy on the fly and essentially lets you throw units like pokeballs.
  • Place of Power – After selecting territories you get to pick a terrain feature to give you an anti-battleshock bubble. Pick an enemy faction piece and take it away from them.

5 Key Units

While the Warglade (or lack thereof) will determine your build, these are 5 units you’ll always want to consider.


Arch-Revenant – A strong, fast, and durable support lord, especially alongside Kurnoth Hunters. She will turn a small unit of Greatsword Hunters into a delete button.

Kurnoth Hunters – An incredible and versatile monstrous infantry piece. You can select the high damage of swords, the range of Greatbows, or the volley of attacks from Scythes. Each are good in their own way and finding the one that fits your army best is just a matter of experimentation.

Warsong Revenant – The newest addition to Alarielle’s arsenal and honestly ridiculously powerful. Two spells a turn plus a damage shrug and heavy weight of attacks make this a mixed-combat hero that can easily carry a squad or stand on its own.

Tree-Revenants – Battleline in a Sylvaneth army and a pretty phenomenal one at that. Can re-roll a single dice once per phase and teleport anywhere on the battlefield. Great for setting up bomb charges.


Treelord Ancient – A massive monster hero that is equal parts caster, fighter, and support piece. Once per game can throw out a Wyldwood with no roll required, which can stop a dangerous charge setup in its tracks.

Sample Army (1000 pts)

Army: Soulblight Gravelords (Legion of Night)

Leader: Treelord Ancient. General

Leader: Arch-Revenant

Battleline: 10 Tree-Revenants

Battleline: 10 Tree-Revenants

Other: 3 Kurnoth Hunters with Greatbows


How to Play Sylvaneth

Keep your enemy’s lanes locked down with your Wyldwoods and pepper them with magic while dancing circles around them. Be conservative and lure the enemy into your clutches.

~The forest is angry

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