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Goatboy’s Warhammer 40K: We Need to Talk Ad-Mech Nerfs, Orks, and Hexfire!

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Aug 2 2021

Goatboy here to talk about Ad-Mech Nerfs, and if they went far enough, the new Orks codex, and what the Thousand Sons and Grey Knights may be bringing!

We got a neat week of releases, tidbits, and info.  From Orks landing in our greedy little hands, the info from the Magical Grim Dark Hexfire boxed set, and even got some nice tweaks to the Ad-Mech menace.  Overall a great week and hopefully we will see some more info this week on what exactly is in that Grey Knights vs T-Sons box.

The Ad-Mech Menace

First, let’s go over the Ad-Mech quick FAQ release.  We all say the current crop of tournament winnings with Ad-Mech lists showing up more frequently than the last “bad guys for the meta” Dark Eldar.  I thought the book was a bit much and while I am sure those who got stomped by them wanted more nerfs – I felt the overall changes were pretty good.  They toned some things down which felt a little nutty and hopefully will help make tabletop fights less of a brutal beatdown.

The basics of the FAQ is they shifted the Chicken-walkers away from core which eliminates a lot of their rerolls, survivability, and overall power when compared to other choices.  From there they also attacked the Lucius stuff by eliminating some of the armor stacking they could do as well as weakening the auto wound strat and causing it to cost more.  They also turned the auto pass leadership strat near an objective to once a game. They also stated how many wounds the Mars strat can cause as well – limiting it to 6 total.

The things they didn’t touch were the cost issues on these big blob units as well as some of other aggressively costed options.  I expect a point cost shift to happen at some point since all signs point to another update coming after all the GW events finish up for the year.  Or so I think based on how things are going now.

Is It Enough?

Is this going to shift things?  Sure as it means the big blobs won’t be rocking 2+ saves and ignoring a lot of damage.  They also won’t be putting out like 30 wounds when shooting.  I also think we’ll see a big push to flying armies in the future as well.  They can move so fast and you can’t hide from an alpha strike as they shoot over and pound your anti-aircraft fire with Lascannons.  I do wonder if Orks and their new Deffkopta setups could be a problem for them – but we will see.

I think the army will still show up and be a pain but it most likely means Sisters will have their time to shine as the newest codex of pain.  I think the power level of Sisters is where most books should be and it feels like Orks is fitting in there.  I expect some other Admech stuff to happen but again we need more data and with areas in the world getting rough again it might be a bit.  Get your shots if you can as we want all players able to throw down in the future.


On the Ork side of things, it looks like we have to wait for the App updated to happen with Warhammer+ to get an army builder working.  I want to play my favorite phone app-building dumb army lists right now!  Of course, not everything is out yet so I have to wait to get my Dino-squigs of nonsense.  I ended up getting 2 Beast Snagga boxes as most of my lists are running 30 Snagga Boyz, the Squig dudes, and some other bits and pieces.  If you find a Rukkatruck you might want to hold onto it once the book officially comes out and events get hit by some first turn assault nonsense.  I think they match up pretty well versus Sisters right now which has me thinking the Meta is going to shift to a paper/rock/scissors format with specific missions and table set-ups defining who wins more than you want.


Hexfire Rising

Finally, we saw what the new Hexfire GK/T-Sons boxed set has in it.  Overall it doesn’t look bad as the model value seems to show it is alright price-wise. Of course, that is if it matches the Dark Eldar/Sisters boxed set we had before.  I have heard some fun grumblings saying the T-Sons character is pretty friggin amazing (Psyker plus what looks like Prayer-like abilities) so finding those guys will be fun.  I can see a ton of conversions coming in the future to try and get those working in your blue and gold armies.  

I have no real thought on Grey Knights as it feels like an army that will always have an issue being a small MSU-based build.  It isn’t a bad thing as these armies can be very rewarding to those with the patience to play them.  Each interaction is fraught with difficulty as you have to worry if you lose a little bit too much in the exchange.

Right now I am looking at Orks as my main squeeze in these coming months as I got a bit of a drought event-wise.  I finished up my Be’lakor model so I could always play a smashtastic monster mash but we’ll see.

~What of these upcoming things are you most excited for?

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