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MTG: Strong Like Bear – Jumpstart Historic Horizons Bear Spoilers

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Aug 3 2021

Get ready to board Bear Force One, today we’re taking a look at another batch of JHH spoilers–today we’re looking at what’s in the Bears packet.

Things are heating up for Jumpstart Historic Horizons, and with the release so close we can hardly¬†bear it we’re taking a look at just how grizzly some of the cards you’ll find in the new set can be. Come and take a look at why 100-card Historic Brawl is going to be ursine of the times as we take a look at the Bears of JHH.

We start with the mother of all bears–though not the mother bear (that’s a different card, also present in this packet), but Ayula, Queen Among Bears is here to make all of your bears beat down those who would oppose her children.

Speaking of, Mother Bear is also present in this packet. If you want 2/2’s this is the deck for you/you’s.

Strixhaven’s Professor of Zoomancy makes an appearance in this pack, as does the Bear Cub, or the Exuberant Wolfbear (who appears in about 50% of these packets).


Of course, it’s not just bears–there are bear spirits

Things that are technically bears…

…and creatures that are bears without being bears. Like shapeshifters, who are, in a way, all bears:

If you like bears, and who doesn’t love 2 and 3 drops:


Or the occasional bird/bear hybrid:

Then this is the packet for you. Check out the breakdown of how likely you are to get a given bear in a given packet:

All of this will be available in the upcoming Jumpstart Historic Horizons–the all-digital, and in some cases, all-bears expansion coming soon to¬†Magic: the Gathering – Arena. Be on the lookout for more spoilers as we close in on launch day, and get ready to launch bear force one.

What bear is your favorite bear?

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