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Rats in the Walls – The Origins of the Four Skaven Great Clans – PRIME

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Aug 18 2021

That scratching in the walls might be worse than you think. Peer into the darkness to unearth the inspiration for Skaven clans.

While there are several antagonists in the Warhammer Fantasy and Age of Sigmar universes, few personify the "comic book villain" hilarity better than the rat-like Skaven. Mad scientists, dangerous warriors, and surprisingly adept enemies, the Skaven have been present at several major events in the history of the Old World (including being responsible for the death of Nagash) and have had their claws in shaping the history of Warhammer lore even when other races thought they were responsible. Millions of them live below the surface, and it is widely believed that should the Skaven ever stand together as one, they would easily sweep aside the surface races. Luckily, the Skaven are as distrustful of their own kind as they are hateful of the surface dwellers, so even if such an alliance happened, it would be very short-lived.

At the top of Skaven society is the Council of Thirteen, 12 leaders representing the 11 strongest Skaven clans, which are constantly replaced due to disgrace, betrayal, or death,  and the Council of Grey Seers. The 13th sea...

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