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Warhammer 40K: Kill Team Octarius – What’s In The Box?

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Aug 9 2021

There’s a new edition of Warhammer 40,000: Kill Team and we’ve got our hands on it. Come join us as we take a look inside the box!

Kill Team has been completely reworked from the previous edition of the game. No longer is it a skirmish game built upon the 40k rules with some tweaks, it’s a brand new system with only minor similarities. But we’re not here to cover all those changes – right now we’re just going to take a look at the fantastic new models and extras in this boxed set!

All New Kill Team

Kill Team Octarius features all new models in the box as well as the first complete set of Orky Terrain. This is a pretty big deal as Kill Team is designed as a small scale skirmish game. In the box is literally everything you need to play Kill Team – except for some hobby supplies to assemble your new models. Bring a good set of clippers, folks.

First up, we’ll talk about the brand new Death Korps of Krieg models. For the first time, we’re getting these awesome new Guardsmen in plastic! No need to get the resin ones from Forge World (although you can if you want to). What’s so great about this new plastic kit is the sheer amount of options. There are weapon options – both lasgun and special weapons – all over the place. Plus the miniatures are fairly modular. We didn’t get to test out every combination, but as long as you match the right set of arms, you can pretty much make them fit with any of the bodies.

There are a ton of specialists you can build – from the squad leader, to a demo expert, to a medic, and even various special weapon wielding veterans – this kit has LOTS of options. Personally, I’m really hoping GW releases this kit as a stand alone later. I foresee a whole lot of new Death Korps of Krieg armies in the future!

Orks. So Many ORKS!


And then there are the orks. Kommandos to be exact. If you were excited about all the new orks on the way, I think you’re going to be pumped to get your hands on these new Kommandos. However you want to build them, much like the Death Korp models, you can pretty much do that. This is a highly modular kit where you can almost mix and match the bits to your heart’s content. I say almost because there are a couple options that are more rigid (looking at you Boss Nob).

The kit has a ton of various options with lots of shootas, stabbas, and a rokkit and burna, too! The Nob can have a big ol’ Ax or a Power Klaw and there are lots of different head options you can play around with. The only bad thing I can say about this kit was that all the options on the sprue were a bit overwhelming. If you’re going to follow the instructions exactly you’re going to be swapping between all three of those different spures a LOT.

Still, it’s a fantastic set of Ork Kommandos and they have a lot of character and options to play around with which makes them perfect for Kill Team!

How About That Orky Terrain

When it comes to terrain in the box this set is entirely orky and it’s awesome! GW has made other orky terrain kits and Speed Freeks had some early hints at what was on the way. This new Octarious Terrain set blows that all out of the water. This really feels like the first non-Imperial , non-chaos terrain set released as a whole tables-worth of terrain. Or at least a Kill Team table’s worth of terrain. I really want to get my hands on a a couple of these sets and have an entire Orky Terrain Table. That’s the dream and it’s finally a possibility with this amazing kit. Just having those walls and orky buildings as a blueprint for what you can do on your own is handy. They’ve come a long, long way from the basic adobe buildings orks had in 2nd edition.


It’s a BIG difference.

All The Extras

Aside from all the great new plastic this box also has everything else you need to play. Tokens, combat gauges, 10 dice, a game board, Kill Team Cards, and of course the core rules and an Octarius specific manual. Seriously, if you’re just getting into Kill Team, this box is the perfect place to start.

Kill Team Octarius goes up for pre-order this weeked!

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