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Warhammer 40K: Kill Team – The Veteran Guardsmen of Krieg

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Aug 6 2021

The Death Korps of Krieg have some great new plastic models and today we’re getting a look at more of their rules for Kill Team!

Yesterday we got a closer look at the Ork Kommandos and now the Death Korps of Krieg are getting the same treatment. Will these wily veterans be able to stand up to the threats against humanity on the tabletop? Probably a lot better than you might have expected. Let’s meet some of the members from this Kill Team!

via Warhammer Community

We’ve seen the basic data card for a Veteran already – they are pretty much the baseline trooper for the game. While they don’t stand out from the pack they do have one big advantage over some of the other Kill Teams out there: Manpower. The Astra Militarum has the option to take up to 4 more troopers than normal. That bumps them up to an almost horde-like 14 operatives!

They might not individually have the firepower to take everything on, but that’s the beauty of the Astra Militarum – they don’t work alone. With more bodies than your enemies you’ll be able to overwhelm them. They will have more activations and more chances to do “things” on the tabletop. That’s a tactical advantage you’ll want to use to win!

On other thing – there has been a stat that was never really explained before. That was the “GA” stat. Turns out that is Group Activation. I’ll let GW explain:

“Best of all, Trooper Veterans have a Group Activation characteristic of 2, meaning you can activate two at the same time when it’s your turn to make a move.”

Yep. You’ll be able to have more bodies and also be able to activate two at a time. Seems like it could be pretty handy. But sometimes you really just need to blow things up. Luckily, the Astra Militarum has an option for that, too.


Ancillary Support

“With so much ordnance at their disposal, the Astra Militarum can offer their veteran kill teams support in the form of artillery barrages and air strikes. Many a crucial mission has been pulled off with the timely intervention of a high-explosive warhead striking a critical target, and Veteran Guardsmen can choose two tactical assets to use once each per battle.”

Aside from the option to take more Troopers, AM Kill Teams can bring the boom with other tactical assets. Want some examples? Of course you do.

Those are quite the shots you can take! There are also Guided Missiles and Strafing Run options you can call in and we have a funny feeling those will also bring the “BOOM” with them.

Meet The Commanders

“Disciplined officers barking orders over the din of combat is the backbone of the Astra Militarum, and Sergeant Veterans are only too happy to raise their voices in Kill Team games. A Sergeant may choose between four separate orders to give a nearby operative during the Strategy phase…”


Normally, you can only issue an order to one Guardsmen per Turning Point. That seems limited, right? If only there was a way around that limitation…

Oh, look at that! Relay Orders allows the Order to be issued to all friendly Guardsmen in the Killzone (aka, the board). Hmm…might want to consider taking the Comms Vet in your games, too. But what happens if your leader is removed from the game? You better have a back-up plan:

There’s always more Guardsmen.


What do you think of the these special rules for the Astra Militarum? Anyone else really want to get more Death Korps of Krieg models in plastic?!

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