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Warhammer 40K: Let’s Talk About CORE as a Keyword – FTN

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Aug 2 2021

What is CORE and why does it differ so much from army to army?

Hey all,

A little bit shorter of an episode this week than we normally do but we’ve had to juggle some schedules and should be back on track next week!

We talk a bit about the Admech FAQ we received at the end of last week but mostly we have a healthy discussion about ‘what is core’ and why it seems to be different for several armies.  What do you think it is?  Is it just a rule that we’re supposed to min/max or is it something in the DNA of the faction itself?

We do a complete theoretical discussion about the nature of CORE as a keyword and as a trait of the lore of the army. Not every codex seems to be benefiting from this in the same way.  We don’t solve any puzzles here but it’s cool to hear the cast’s perspective.  Fair warning… there is a little Necron salt in this show but it’s all in good fun.

When you’re making lists do you pay attention to the CORE keyword at all outside of deciding which buffs go where and what Stratagems you can use? I don’t think many of us do.

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Paul Murphy
Author: Paul Murphy
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