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Warhammer 40K: New Thousand Sons ‘Cabbalistic Rituals’

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Aug 3 2021

The Thousand Sons are getting some new mechanics in the Psychic Phase. Get ready for these Cabbalistic Rituals to juice up your psychic powers!

With the new Hexfire box on the way very soon and a new Codex too, the Sons of Magnus are getting a new way to amp up their psychic prowess. Cabal Points are going to be generated and spent in your psychic phase and will provide some extra benefits depending on how you use them.

via Warhammer Community

“You can spend these Cabal points to augment the capabilities of your psykers – and you’d be mad not to, as you’ll lose any left unspent at the end of the phase. As with many Tzeentchian abilities, there are nine Cabbalistic Rituals to choose from, each of which costs between 3 and 9 Cabal points to use.”

So what types of things will these Cabbalistic Rituals allow you to do? Funny you should ask…

How about preventing that psychic power from getting denied? For 8 points, it’s a lot to pay, but if it prevents an all important power from getting stopped, that seems worth it! There are other, cheaper rituals as well.


Did you just miss a check by 1? Spend 5 points and turn that fail into a pass! Or maybe you want that 9 to become a 10 to trigger additional effects – add 1 to the check for 5 points and you’re good.

“The new codex features rules for all nine Cults of the Legion, and each has their own bespoke psychic power, Warlord Trait, and item of Sorcerous Arcana.”

And while we don’t have a list of all those extra rules, we do have a look at all the cults:

And of course GW dropped a of teasers for one of those cults, too:


Hey a free re-roll is nice to have in your back pocket. Sometimes you really need that Smite to go off!

“What’s more, there are 18 psychic powers available to the sons of Magnus – 9 each from the expanded Discipline of Change and the all-new Discipline of Vengeance – so you’ll have plenty to choose from.”

That’s a book-load of new powers to explore! The Thousand Sons are going to be leaning heavily into the Psychic Phase and will be ready to blast, melt, destroy, and manipulate their enemies! You’ll also be able to upgrade your Thousand Sons Sorcerers with the new Legion Command rules:


Things are really looking up for the Thousand Sons (at least in the Psychic Phase). Get ready to do battle with mindbullets!




Author: Adam Harrison
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