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D&D: Five Awesome Magic Items From Wild Beyond The Witchlight

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Sep 21 2021

There are 21 new magic items in the new adventure: The Wild Beyond the Witchlight, but these five stand out as some of our favorites.

The Wild Beyond the Witchlight: A Feywild Adventure is the latest big adventure from Wizards of the Coast, and like any good adventure it is chalk full of treasure, both wondrous and mundane, just waiting for your characters to come along and loot them. Today we’re taking a look at five of our favorite magic items in the new D&D book.

Eldritch Staff

The Eldritch Staff is a potent +1 magic quarter staff that works wonderfully for either a warlock with Pact of the Blade or a monk. Which is surprising because with eldritch you’d think it’d be all about magic and spellcasting, but no, all it does is let you either spend up to 3 of its 10 charges to either deal an extra 1d8 lightning damage per charge spent on a hit, or spend 3 charges to turn invisible and teleport yourself (and all your stuff) up to 60 feet away. You don’t often see weapons that monks would enjoy, but there you are. Or, give it to a paladin and pour on the smite.

Ornithopter of Flying

This is a personal flying machine. It can fly at only 30 feet, which means you might be vulnerable to attack, but this is a marvelous contraption for getting around in style. Give it to an artificer or an NPC you want to seem particularly astute–or give it to the party and let them kit it out with vehicle upgrades from Avernus and you’ll be golden.

Scissors of Shadow Snipping

These magical scissors allow you to separate a humanoid’s shadow from its attendant creature. This gives you control of its shadow, animatng it as a Fey version of the Shadow stat block (one that loses the ability to kill when it drains strengths, it knocks targets unconscious instead). It’s a pretty potent ally generating machine that also curses your target at the same time.

Chromatic Rose


This handy flower comes in one of five flavors, just like the chromatic dragons: white, black, blue, green, red. While holding a rose you gain resistance to its associated element, cold, acid, lightning, poison, or fire and you can also spend an action to transform the rose into a 20 foot cone dealing 3d10 damage of the same type. These are great single-use items that offer either temporary resistance (if it resists more than 10 points of damage in a single attack the rose is spent) or a burst of AoE damage when you need it.


Finally the big vorpal sword in the game. This wonderland-inspired vorpal blade goes snicker-snack indeed–it ignores any resistance to slashing damage, cuts off heads on critical hits (though it does give the DM some wiggle room if a creature is “too big” for its head to be cut off with the weapon) or deals 6d8 damage, and it brings proficiency with greatswords along with it. It’s a friend to anyone with a high charisma OR strength because you can use either to determine your bonus to attack and damage rolls.

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