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D&D: Witchlight Leaks Reveal Action Figure Stat Blocks

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Sep 11 2021

Wild Beyond the Witchlight brings some of the classic cartoon characters and action figure’s of D&D’s past to the present. Today we have their stats!

In Wild Beyond the Witchlight, some of the characters from the classic D&D Cartoon and line of Action Figures that released back in the 1980s are given new life as folks like Warduke, Strongheart, Skylla, and the evil sorcerer Kelek go from this:

To this:

And not only do they get a revamped new look–they get full on stat blocks which show just how threatening they can be. Today we’re taking a look at two of the heroes from Valor’s Call, and two of the dastards from the League of Malevolence, courtesy of a new video “preview” of the book which reveals some heavy spoilers (and indeed the ending of the whole adventure) so be warned if you follow the preview. For now let’s check them out.

We’re starting things off with Strongheart, the gleaming paladin who created and leads the group Valor’s Call. Though the picture is a trifle blurry, you can see that Strongheart is a powerful ally, coming in at CR 4 with a multiattack that allows him to strike three times with a blinding sword, or to cast Revivify if need be. A great opportunity to see how a Paladin translates into a monster stat block.


Then there’s the dwarf, Elkhorn, who is built using the same basic idea as a Fighter. You can see that he has a bit of Battlemaster in terms of the maneuvers, but doesn’t follow exactly the rules of a PC class–his Feint allows him to do 2d6 extra damage, and it recharges on a 5 or 6 (or about every 2-3 rounds).

Now let’s take a look at the villains of the League of Malevolence.

First up, Warduke, Strongheart’s former friend turned extremely evil swordsman out for power, glory, and money, equipped with a magic flaming sword and an evil shield engraved in the likeness of a demon’s skull, Warduke is a powerful foe who can make three different attacks putting out 14-15 damage per round scattered over three different attacks.

And finally we have Skylla, an evil warlock who strikes with an Eldritch Staff and has an array of magical spells that she can bring to bear against her foes. At CR 2, she’s not the most dire threat, but she can hold her own long enough to escape if she needs to.

And those are some of the heroes and villains of Wild Beyond the Witchlight


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