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Gloomhaven On PC Gets A Release Date And It’s Next Month

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Sep 24 2021

Gloomhaven, the popular board-game-turned-tactical-RPG is getting ready to leave early access–it’s headed to a PC near you coming next month!

Gloomhaven is one of the biggest and best games to come out recently. With crunchy combat and character building, secret unlocks, and a story that offers you rogue-like choice on your various missions, there’s little wonder that it’s one of the most successful board games, or that it’s sequel, Frosthaven raised more than $12 million on Kickstarter.

But with all that table space, tokens, and cards to juggle, one of the hardest things about Gloomhaven is setting it up and playing it. What if there was a way to play it with all of the legwork and setup and math already handled? Good news friends, there is. The PC version of Gloomhaven has been on Steam in early access, but the early access grind is coming to an end with the upcoming launch of Gloomhaven on PC.


Coming October 20th, 2021, Gloomhaven on PC invites players to tackle its legendary unforgiving challenges. You’ll find more than 200 hours of deliciously difficult gameplay, new event missions and 17 unique mercenaries with their own skills, advantages and storylines to master.

From the terrifying monsters lurking in deadful forests, to the darkest depths of ancient crypts, adventure awaits for up to four players over online co-op, or you can play it solo for the ultimate challenge. Check out the full release info below.

via Asmodee Digital

Full release time has come upon us, mercenaries. Prepare your weapons and coins, we’re entering Gloomhaven’s campaign on October 20th. After two years of Early Access, 12 major updates and countless patches & improvements, Gloomhaven is releasing on Steam and GoG, PC & macOS.


Adaoted frin tge acclaimed, six Golden Geek award-winning Gloomhaven board game designed by Isaac Childres, the digital release will welcome those with the sharpest minds to face its legendary, unforgiving challenges. Players will now be able to forge a new path through the dungeons of Gloomhaven, as the full game release unlocks the entire board game campaign, with 95 new stories and event missions to delve into.

They can also dive into the 170 missions of the Guildmaster campaign, exclusive to the digital game and already available in the Early Access version.

As you can see, this is everything you’d want out of a digital adaptation of Gloomhaven. If you’ve never had the chance to play in person, well this is your opportunity. The game feels very much like the actual board game. You’ll come for the initial rush of tactical combat, but stay for the intense mastery that the game teaches as the campaign unfolds.

Gloomhaven is one of those games everyone talks about for a reason, and this is the most accessible it’s ever been. So get ready because come October, Gloomhaven beckons.

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Happy Adventuring!


Author: J.R. Zambrano
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