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MTG: Innistrad Midnight Hunt Is Out On Magic Arena With A Horrific New Trailer

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Sep 17 2021

Get ready to survive in the Gothic horror world of Innistrad, where in monsters are real and lurk around every corner. And right behind you.

Life is hard enough for an orphan in vaguely victorian times. Harder still if you’re an orphan in Innistrad, the Gothic horror world of vampires and werewolves where your life is at the mercy of whatever cruel whim seizes you. But, you should be careful, when night falls in Innistrad, monsters will rise, as you’ll see in the latest trailer announcing Innistrad: Midnight Hunt  has arrived on Magic: Arena.

Darkness approaches over Innistrad. To survive on this Gothic horror world, you must become what you fear. Play Now on MTG Arena –

Light Your Candle. The Harvesttide Festival is here. Will you try to ward off the coming dark? Or embrace the power of the encroaching darkness? Face your fears with new spooky mechanics and double-faced werewolf cards that become more terrifying at night!

The newest set is out now on Magic: Arena, so you can start playing as quickly as you like online. If you want the physical MTG cards, you’ll have to wait until the 24th of September (another week or so), but you should be able to get an idea of what cards will make for the best deck. Whether it’s filling your hand full of transforming werewolves, or perhaps just good townsfolk who turn into ghosts and gheists when the sun sets, there’s a lot to love about Midnight Hunt.

Be sure and check it out by clicking the link above.

Be careful, surely soon there will be something at the window–now the door!


Author: J.R. Zambrano
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