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The Largest Dystopian Wars Ship Yet – The Ice Maiden Takes to the Seas

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Sep 25 2021

Warcradle Studios recently released their largest miniature yet for Dystopian Wars. Check out the Ice Maiden!

This ship comes with a complete battlefleet too. Not just a starter set like the other Battle Fleets to date, a full Battlefleet with maxed out options if you go that way.

The Box Art of the Ice Maiden.

Inside the box is a lot. If you want to see, there is a YouTube video further below of an unboxing and speed build of the ship. For now, let me show you the entire built fleet.

What Can I Build with this Boxed Set?

Above is the entire fleet from the Ice Maiden Battlefleet Set.

The Ice Maiden, the large ship in the back, can be built in one of three ways. To be honest, you get enough components to build the ship in two ways if you so wish. I did. On top of the large ship, you get six models to represent flying Bombers and Fighters (called Short Range Squadrons), many bases to represent extra Short Range Squadrons, six cruisers, six destroyers and six frigates.

In the lore, this faction loads the ships by train. That is why all of the ship beds have tracks.

I built three of the cruisers so I can load them with either rocket launchers or large guns.

And I built three armed with super large ginormous guns!

There are plenty of options in the box, so you can arm the ships differently than I did above.

The Ice Maiden can be made in three different variants. To change the variant, just change out the weapons. Here, you can see two sets of weapons. You can arm the ship with all one type of gun, or the other.

A Quick Scale Comparison

Below is a scale comparison image between some figures you may already know and love and the Ice Maiden. The Ice Maiden is ginormous!

A look at the Ice Maiden in compared to some other miniatures for the purpose of scale comparison.

An In Depth Video Review

The video below goes in depth to review the Ice Maiden. In it, you will see the complete contents of the box set, a speed build of the ship and a closer look at the other ships that you can build using the Ice Maiden Battlefleet Set. If the embedded video below does not work, you can also use the link here.

Wrapping it up…

Thank you for checking out the Ice Maiden with me. It really is an incredible ship.


Special thanks goes out to Warcradle Studios for sending me this miniature for review.

Until next time, Happy Gaming Everyone!!!

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