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Warhammer 40K: High Marshal Helbrecht Returns With A New Model

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Sep 20 2021

Did the Black Templar’s High Marshal cross the Primaris Rubicon? Come take a look to find out!

There’s a new Black Templar Army Boxed set on the way. Not only are they getting some exciting new models along with a codex supplement, they are getting some new character updates to go along with it. A lot of folks, including myself, have been wondering if High Marshal Helbrecht would take the plunge and go full on Primaris Marine. Well now we don’t have to wonder anymore.

via Warhammer Community

“The new Helbrecht model faithfully reimagines this classic piece of atmospheric artwork, with the Chapter Master of the Black Templars standing triumphantly over the body of an Ork, the fabled Sword of the High Marshals lodged in its chest.”

This model not only has a new set of Mark X armor and Primaris-sized proportions it’s also an amazing nod to his classic artwork:

There’s so much more going on with this model, too.

“Helbrecht now comes with a choice of three heads – one helmeted and two bare – so you can customise him to suit your preferred level of zeal. He also lost a hand fighting Imotekh the Stormlord since he last got a model – a nugget of lore that’s been faithfully represented on his new miniature.”


That’s quite the amazing load-out and Primaris update for the High Marshal of the Black Templars. All those details are also nods to the old model, too:

You can see all the similarities from the head-band down to the lantern in his hand – this one is definitely a classic that’s been re-imagined.

You’ll be able to launch your own Black Templar crusade soon enough as the new book and a bunch of new models are on the horizon. And who better to lead the charge than High Marshal Helbrecht himself?



Faith and Fury indeed!

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