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Warhammer 40K: New Grey Knights & Thousand Sons FAQ Out Now

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Sep 17 2021

The latest codex FAQs are out and they are taking aim at the armies from Hexfire – it’s Grey Knights and Thousand Sons FAQ time!

It’s been a couple weeks since Hexfire hit the shelves and the codexes for both the Grey Knights and Thousand Sons have been it. Which means it’s about that time for a new set of FAQs to drop. Let’s take a look at the various changes from their respective codexes and see what’s changed.

Grey Knights FAQ


And…that’s it. To be fair, those are some good clarifications – The change to Empyric Declamation was something I think everyone saw coming but was spelled out. The interaction of Vortex of Doom and Psychic Epitome was also cleaned-up, too. And the cap of Mortal Wounds from Tide of Convergence limits those shenanigans as well. And finally, yes, you do take 2 Mortal Wounds when Words of power and Tide of Convergence are up and running. Cool.

This one was pretty short, sweet, and to the point. How’d the Thousand Sons fair?

Thousand Sons FAQ


The Updates and Errata are longer but they are not a complete re-work of the rules or anything. Well, Capricious Crest got a redo, but for the most part it’s just more cleaning up and adding in some things that needed to be added (or removed in the case of Malicious Volleys).

The FAQ portion is a bit more in depth. There certainly seems to be more questions for the Thousand Sons and their interactions compared to the Grey Knights. But maybe that’s to be expected as Tzeentch is the essence of change, right? And how about that example? Oh boy – that’s…complicated! Good thing they explicitly spelled that particular interaction out. That’s a lot of attacks however you slice it.

Hexfire FAQ

Hexfire also got a SUPER IMPORTANT FAQ. It’s so important that I think you should take the time to read it for yourself without commentary. Just go read the thingIt’s a real game changer.



Well that’s it for this round of FAQs – what did you think of the BIG changes from Hexfire? (It’s basically a blank document – that’s the joke.)

Author: Adam Harrison
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