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‘Halloween Kills’ Review: One of Us

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Oct 15 2021

Michael Myers returns to finish what he started in Halloween Kills.

Wait, didn’t Michael Myers unquestionably die, get all burnt up, in the end of the last film? Of course not. OF COURSE he escapes and I guess he felt bad for not killing enough people in the previous entry because he is on a real tear in “Halloween Kills”, cutting through giant swathes of Haddonfield townsfolk with glee. With Jamie Lee Curtis and Will Patton seriously injured, they sit out the bulk of the film in a hospital, waxing eloquently to each other about the past and the nature of evil.

But the townsfolk, now joined by several of the survivors of the original 1978 film, are led into a mob frenzy to kill ‘The Shape’ by Tommy Doyle, portrayed in this incarnation by a very sweaty Anthony Michael Hall. Can they do it? Can they finally kill evil? I wouldn’t bet on it (especially since they filmed the next movie “Halloween Ends” back to back with this one). Chris, Frank, Madelynne, and Wright have much fun talking the highs and lows of this new entry.

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  • Chris Cox – Host
  • Frank Calvillo
  • Madelynne Fontenot
  • Wright Sulek

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