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Meet the Horror Factions of Age of Sigmar – PRIME

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Oct 27 2021

The Mortal Realms are some scary places... Let's take a spooky tour.

Just like its 41st-millennium counterpart, Age of Sigmar is full to bursting with terrifying monsters and creatures. Of course, that tracks; when the most powerful servant of the Chaos Gods shatters the world in a great cataclysm, causing the world to remake itself in the image of the old spell lores, you're bound to have one or two nightmare creatures. Even outside the obvious Death faction, many armies follow themes of modern horror, and just in time for the last week of the spooky season, we've hand-picked a few of the creepiest (and yes, more than half of them are from Death). So grab your popcorn and dust off your favorite chainsaw as we look at seven factions from the Mortal Realms with a decidedly spooky vibe.


The newest faction joining the legions of Destruction, the Kruleboyz are lanky orruks from the swampland that follow the path of Kragnos. Unlike their larger counterparts, they are wickedly intelligent and have been known to lay traps or lure their enemies into ambushes rather than engage them head-on. Their teaser trailer implied that they would cause enemy travelers to simpl...

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Author: Clint Lienau
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