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Warhammer 40K: Five Space Marine Heroes Who Are Actually Heroic

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Oct 16 2021

Warhammer 40,000 is a brutal place. But at least a few Space Marines are willing to step-up to the plate and lead by a heroic example!

In the Grim Darkness of the distant future, there is only war and everything is terrible. But these few are genuine points of light amid the darkness. That’s right folks, we’re here today to talk about the heroes of Warhammer 40K who actually live up to the title of hero. The ones who manage to do some genuine good in a grim, dark future where everything is all heresy and chaos and totalitarianism and the commodification of human life to where the only value it brings is in its death. Here are some of the actual good guys in the world of 40K. Although, again, overall goodness is subjective… everyone’s a little awful in 40K.

Pedro Kantor – In the battle on Rynn’s World, he actually takes care of the people under his charge, cares about civilians–at first he didn’t want to stop and save the civilians but when one of his men did, he did.

Vulkan He’stan – Not many people in 40K consider the normal, mundane civilians, especially among the chapters of the Astartes, who often are called upon to make terrible sacrifices. But He’stan and the Salamanders have historically fought to protect “normal people”, and canonically He’stan fights with Chapter Masters against those who would cause civilian casualties.

Dante – The Astartes are some of the longest lived beings in the Imperium, and among them, Dante is old enough to actually have the long view of things, and ask questions like “if we aren’t saving people, why are we here and what’s the point?” He’s more than 1,100 years old, probably the wisest living marine. Some dreadnoughts are older, but they keep saying 1100101101. Of all the Blood Angels, he most embodies the nobility of Snaguinius.


Logan Grimnar – gone out of his way to save people, probably because they’re growing up as peasants on the worst planet in the Imperium. You don’t come through that without appreciating the value of life, proving that the Space Wolves are man’s best friend.

One of the Ultramarine Lieutenants – Look, the Ultramarines literally wrote the rules and follow them. If there is going to be a boy scout of boy scouts, it’s probably one of the Lieutenants–experienced enough to get far by following the rules, but knowing when or if it’s okay to break them. Doesn’t get much better than that.

Who would you say does actual good in the world of 40K?

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