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Wu-Tang Clan Action RPG In the Works, According To Insiders

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Oct 25 2021

The in-development fantasy action RPG will be similar to Minecraft Dungeons, use “Wu-Tang Clan lore”, and feature a soundtrack by the hip-hop legends.

According to Jez Corden of the Xbox Two Podcast, studio Brass Lion Entertainment is developing an RPG centered around the infamous Wu-Tang Clan. These claims have been doubly confirmed by Jeff Grubb of GamesBeat.

In the discussion, Corden remarks the game is similar to Minecraft Dungeons, although probably not isometric like a Diablo-style game.

Timestamp 47:17 for discussion

The game is stated to be a “third-person fantasy RPG revolving around melee combat”. It’s rumored to include looting, dungeon crawling, 4 player co-op, seasonal content, and a couple of dozen hours to beat. While these are still technically rumors, it does have some backing behind it. Even Brass Lion’s website notes they are working on a new Action RPG.

“Project Shaolin” is still very early in development so things are likely to shift. Don’t expect to hear any additional news for a long while yet. Everyone seems pretty tight-lipped about things, so there’s not a lot of know just yet. But according to the rumor mill, the game goes by the code name “Shaolin”.

Bottom line? A loot-grinding, dungeon crawler game with RPG elements and a Wu-Tang soundtrack? I’m down for it.


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