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A Thanksgiving Miracle: Warhammer’s Strangest Team-ups – Prime

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Nov 24 2021

Just because you hate each other doesn't mean you can't get along once a year.

Well, it's that time of year again; everyone gathers around the table to share a meal with their family while their Aunt Ethel says horrible things through her mashed potatoes, and their cousin tries not to start a fight. Even the original inspiration for the holiday, the "First Thanksgiving", has over time turned out to be a lot less friendly than we initially thought. Nevertheless, we gather with our families, dysfunction and all, and put our differences aside for a few hours to face our common enemy: the turkey.

The Mortal Realms and 41st millennium have their fair share of factions that don't see eye to eye, but some threats transcend petty warfare and make temporary allies out of deadly enemies. Sometimes, these team-ups are a matter of convenience, and the battle that is put aside was more of a land dispute than actual war, but occasionally factions that have no business standing shoulder to shoulder will find themselves covering each other's backs. We've talked about such alliances in the 41st millennium here, but at least a few of these make sense. What I want to talk about today ar...

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Author: Clint Lienau
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