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D&D: An Adventurer’s Guide To The Conclave Of Silverymoon

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Nov 21 2021

Strixhaven might be the newest magical university to open its doors, but it’s far from the only one. Take the Conclave of Silverymoon…

From Oerth to Toril, Magical Academies are a fine tradition throughout the many realms of Dungeons & Dragons. And with the doors of Strixhaven getting ready to open, allowing students from throughout the many planes to study at its halllowed halls (and eldritch Biblioplex), it’s time to take a look at some of the other options in case that sealed letter starts with “We receive many applicants, but unfortunately…”

Starting with the Conclave of Silverymoon. Sometimes called the University of Silverymoon, the Conclave is the legacy of Alustriel Silverhand. And if that name sounds familiar, you might recognize her as one of the Seven Sisters, an immortal ‘Chosen of Mystra’ who, for a time, was the High Mage and ruler of Silverymoon. One of her last acts, before her disappearance, was the foundation of Silverymoon University.

The Conclave was founded to teach all forms of magic, arcane and otherwise–and it could be likened to a series of Community Colleges in a way. Because, there was no central campus, but rather a series of campuses throughout Silverymoon, including a cluster of fourteen buildings that make up the prominent Southbank Campus which absorbed earlier institutions like the Lady’s College or Miresk’s School of Thaumaturgy.

Similarly, there was no central focus to the university either. The university’s first director, Eltro Miresk, helped keep the focus on the myriad magical arts in Faerun, ensuring that no one school was dominant–an important move considering that High Lady Silverhand’s main objective in founding the university was to gather the magical practitioners and schools of Silverymoon together in one common cause. Here’s just a sampling of the smaller institutions the Conclave absorbed in its founding:

  • Arkhen’s Invocatorium – a school of sorcery
  • Everdusk Hall – an elven temple
  • House of the Harp/College of Fochlucan – a bard college
  • The Lady’s College – A school of wizardry
  • Miresk’s School of Thaumaturgy – A catchall generalist school
  • Utrumm’s Music Convservatory – a magical music school

And that’s just a sampling of the many traditions you can find at Silverymoon University.

Happy Adventuring!


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