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Warhammer 40K: Drukhari Can’t Be Stopped – FTN

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Nov 29 2021

On this episode, we talk a little about what did well that weekend and what it takes to topple the big lists.

Hi folks,

Very sorry about missing the release last week but Paul was in Austin doing some commentary on the Games Workshop US Open Series.

The Balance Update was in full effect this past weekend along with updates for the Tyranids out of the Octarius campaign book.  It made QUITE a difference. Drukhari are still at the top of the heap but that had as much to do with player skill as it did list design.

Good players doing well is not surprising but the consistent performance and top finishes certainly are. These players have been able to adapt to a changing environment and battle through great opponents and die rolls. No easy feat!

A list known as Thicc City seems to be the go-to build for Durkhari players right now and we got to see why in Austin.  It has a  ton of durability and the ability to engage opponents on a  variety of different levels.

We talk a bit about how that all went down and things players need to be on the lookout for before taking a break and coming back to talk about Lore, the behavior of Primarchs, and the Horus Heresy novels.

Adam does his best to besmirch the good name of Sanguinius.   This is kidding of course but we do have a serious discussion all the while throwing in quips about our favorite characters.



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Paul Murphy
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