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Warhammer 40K: The Black Templar’s Accessory Pack Really Is The Best Pack Ever

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Nov 22 2021

Now that we’ve gotten our hands on the Black Templar Upgrade Pack we can confirm: It’s the best Upgrade Pack yet!

Games Workshop took their sweet time with the Black Templar’s update. But man, oh man, was it worth the results! GW absolutely nailed this refresh for them and now they’ve got even more models to prove it.


So Many Awesome Bits

As you’re probably aware, this second wave of Black Templars is on the way and included are three new kits that are just fantastic. Grimaldus is great! He got the Primaris Treatment and, somehow, even the relics his servitors carry did, too.

Execute the Primaris Protocol…on that RELIC.

But there are a few exciting things in the more generic boxes that you should get excited about. First up, the Sword Brethren.


We’ve got Primaris Lightning Claws! And yes, I said in the video this is the first Primaris with Lightning Claws. It’s not, Shrike got them first. However, this is the first time you’ll be able to take those Claws and put them on ANY Primaris without needing to significantly convert them up. Plus, Shrike is a unique character — he doesn’t count!

“I did it first…I also have a Primaris Jump Pack, Primaris Claw-Boots, and Primaris Emo-Hair. #ForgetMeNot”

So these are technically the first generic Lightning Claws for Primaris Marines. Whatever — I got excited to see them on in this sprue and I hope that GW makes rules for their use for Primaris Marines more widespread than just Sword Brethren. The bits for them (the arms included) seem pretty universal. And with some creative modeling, you could probably reposition them, too.

Relics, Please!

And then we get to the Upgrade Pack. This is box is too good to pass-up for Black Templar players. Fortunately, you’ll get a copy of this sprue in the Combat Patrol as well. For starters, it’s got enough random Black Templar Bits in there to allow you to spread the love to a couple squads of Primaris Marines, no problem. You’ll be able to sprinkle bits on Initiates and Neophytes all over your army. But that’s not what’s so exciting as that’s not a “new” thing when it comes to Upgrade Packs. What IS exciting is the number of Relics in this box.


These Relics are just the tip of the iceberg. There’s many more bits in the box that you can use that represent the different relic options in your Black Templar army. That’s a good thing considering you can give a bunch of them out thanks to the Black Templar Relic Bearer rules.

I really hope players and GW take more notes from this box. It’s just really promising to see the actual bits for these named Relics. BT player can just buy the upgrade kit and model a Marine with the Relic! And they are unique enough to actually stand out. GW could do this for literally every army in the game — they have created special relics for them in the rules, now they have the ability to model new bits for each one as well.


Combat Patrol: Black Templars $140

If you’re looking to get started with a Black Templar army, snag a Combat Patrol Box. It’s got a bunch of models you’ll need AND it comes with a copy of the Upgrade Sprues. You can’t go wrong with that kit. It might have taken a LONG time to finally get a BT army update but this is the best one yet.

That’s actually a look of jealousy from Mephiston.



Here’s hoping GW rolls out more Upgrade Packs like the Black Templars version for EVERYONE.

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