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D&D: Five Deities To Turn To In A Bind

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Dec 7 2021
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The adventure’s gone south and only the gods can help you now– but which deus will ex machina you? Try one of these five D&D deities.

There comes a time in every adventurer’s life when they realize that they’re not only in way over their heads, but the only way out might be through divine intervention. Fortunately for them, the gods–and especially the gods of Faerun–play dice with the universe.

They also play pinochle, wist, backgammon, and Warhammer 40K with the universe too. It’s a versatile playground, reality, especially when you’re a god. Here are five who are probably champing at the bit to get in there and muck things up with an excuse.


Tymora is a classic D&D diety. Lady Luck, as she is known throughout the realms, shines down upon those who take risks. There’s a reason you so often see veteran adventurers making offerings at the wayshrines of Tymora.

But because she’s popular, the Lady might be distracted when you make your call. If she can’t help you there’s always someone like…


Okay hear me out. You’re an adventurer. One of the things adventurers are known for is kicking in the door to monster’s homes and murdering everyone inside so they can rob them.

Bhal is the god of murder. It just makes sense. Plus, Bhaal is always looking for a great way to influence mortals without everyone being like “oh but everything he does is evil”.



Mask is another D&D diety to call upon. God of shadows and thieves, Mask is a strange entity. He was typically a loner god, but when the Time of Troubles hit, Mask seemed to be everywhere, changing shape.

He was a blade, he was a hound, he made friends with Mystra–there’s a lot happening. So when your brooding loner is in trouble, call upon another, divine brooding loner.


I mean, it’s probably always a good idea to call on Asmodeus. It’s the last D&D deity anyone would think to call on for aid, and Asmodeus is probably the most likely to be willing to help.


Sure sure there’s a price, but that’s a problem for future you, and future you wants you to do things like “stop risking your life” and “quit staying up ’til 5am” and “maybe drink a little water alongside all that ale.” So they probably deserve whatever’s coming to them.


And finally, sometimes in the darkest moments, you can find a moment of true joy and beauty. And that’s where Lliira comes in. She’s the goddess of joy, and she truly does care about her followers and friends.

She was Waukeen’s friend during the Time of Troubles, and when Waukeen disappeared, she kept the faith going strong so that it would flourish, and Lliira willingly gave up that borrowed divine portfolio when Waukeen returned, making her one of the few gods to do that.

So if you need a staunch ally in a time of need, Lliira went far for a god, imagine what she might do for a mortal.

Best of luck, and hope you get out of whatever situation you’re in!


Author: J.R. Zambrano
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