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Goatboy’s Warhammer 40K: Build Max Value In Your Competitive Army

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Dec 7 2021
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Goatboy here to talk about building up your army smartly, so you can roll with whatever punches 40K throws at you.

We all know the value of a dollar.  So the question is – how do we make those hobby dollars stretch as much as possible? While keeping your favorite army competitive?

Choose Your Army Wisely

This most likely means finding a single army that you can enjoy enough to easily expand upon and shift based on how the game is working out.  The army that best does this right now is the good ole Space Marines as you have a ton of flavors, options to build out uniquely, and it isn’t completely terrible.  But Goatboy – all the different armies for Marines are all different colors how can you say you can not make a Green Marine, Red Marine, and White Marine army?

Add spikes and heresy to your taste…

Well my friend – this is where you start to look at the lovely world of Counts-As.  I used to be one of the old poster boys for a Counts-As army.  In fact that I had originally built a Space Goats army as a way to give me a Chaos Looking force but utilizing some rules I wanted to play that would fit my style.  This was way back in the day before Thunder Wolf models came out but we had rules for them.  This lead me to making a crazy big force of Metal Juggernauts of Khorne with giant Goatheaded Marines riding them.  I played them as a Counts As Space Wolves army and had a lot of success with them.  I got this Giant Metal Thunder Hammer from one of their outings back in the day and would play them pretty exclusively for a year or two.  Heck I even dabbled in a color tweak to create my “Iron Goats” army as a weird Blood Angel version.

Look, there’s a moon of Fenris with goats, and Leman Russ used to party there. Just saying…

Make Your Own Background

So how does this matter?  Well creating some kind of “story” or idea behind your Marines means you can create a chapter that is unique and lets you easily create a simple base of Marines with a unique design and feeling.  You want to play Blood Angels sometimes but also the new Black Templars?  Get a single force of Marines and with a few small tweaks – usually to HQ’s – you all of a sudden have an army that can shift back and forth.  If you put in a ton of time into the design works it gets super simple and it just lets you always try something new.



Currently I have found a lot of play in working out a FW chapter and updating things towards that.  The Space Sharks are a pretty unique looking army with a lot options in creating an aggressive assault style force.  Do you want to play Blood Angels – throw some jump packs on guys and go to town.  How about a White Scars army – well most of the stuff that worked for Blood Angels bar their specific units can work in White Scars.  Throw in some extra bike guys and you are ready to go.  Did you get a good deal on a ton of  Terminators?  Well some Space Shark Terminators works out as a pretty aggressive Dark Angels force.

ABS (Always Be Shopping)

I think having a bit of thought into how you collect can easily see you work well with armies and always have something you can work on.  If you find some good deals on some models online that just need a few tweaks to their paint – bam you got a whole new thing to try.  Look thru Forge World and check out the other lesser known chapters and see if there is something you can paint and enjoy adding too.

“I will be there in the end, my bros. For the Goat-time”

Paint Em How You Want

This hobby is about figuring out what you enjoy painting and painting a lot of it.  Finding an army that can easily let you work out your hobby desires, be decent on the table top, and allow you to purchase small things to keep up with the meta is a great way to keep excited about the game.  I know a lot of players sometimes feel like riding the Meta wave but with Kids, families, and time being an issue it is always helpful to hobby a bit smarter.  Plus – who wants to paint all the time when you can throw dice on the tabletop.

Space Goats – ROLL OUT!



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