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Legoland’s Colossal Brick Built Models Must Be Seen To Be Believed!

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Dec 9 2021

Get a look behind the big builds at Legoland California with the master builders that work on Miniland USA and more.

PJ Catalano has been working as a Master Model Builder at Legoland California Resort since 2013. In that time he has built some awesome stuff.

He’s built everything from gigantic fantasy creatures to brick-built replicas of architectural landmarks. Like this massive replica of Dubai’s Burj Khalifa.

via Wired

In an interview with Wired, PJ talks about building big Lego projects. He includes the technical names for some of the pieces found in their kits, plus the math that goes into planning. He even shares some of the tricks he’s learned while building.

Catalano also talks about what it takes to be a Lego Master Builder. He shares his experience working at the resorts and the challenges the job brings.

“I’ve been working at Legoland California for eight years now and i absolutely love it. I can’t think of doing anything else. I love my work I love physically building LEGO. I love the actual job.”


Lego really needs to sell those special pliers. Every Lego fan would buy a pair– or several.

This behind-the-scenes look with PJ’s fellow-builders Robbie McCarthy and Bill Gowdy gives a peek at LEGO’s proprietary 3D modeling software they use to make designs. We also get a peek at the ways team members specialize to create these big builds.



via Wired

Author: Mars Garrett
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