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Warhammer 40K: Shadow Throne Pricing Breakdown

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Dec 7 2021

We know what’s in the box and the price point. So is this one going to be a deal? Let’s break it down and find out!

With all of the other 40k battleforces pricing breakdowns, we let this one slip through the cracks. Oops. Time to rectify that situation with a pricing breakdown for the Shadow Throne Boxed set! Plus, we know the price of the boxed set now as well. So that helps.

Adeptus Custodes

Blade Champion – $35 (based on the old Trajann Valoris Model (which is curiously no longer available))

Allarus Custodians – $50

Witchseeker Squad – $49

MSRP Total: $134



Genestealer Cults

Reductus Saboteur – $30 (based on the Magus model)

Broodcoven – $60

Neophyte Hybrids – $44

MSRP Total: $134

Amazingly, this is a box where both halves come out to the exact same amount. So if you are going to split this with a friend you can literally split the cost 50/50 for once! And what was that cost? $170.


Considering both halves are worth $134, that’s quite the deal for this boxed set. If you’re keeping the set, it’s basically an extra $36 to have the start of another army. Or maybe you can consider the other army antagonists to your primary force you’re working on. Afterall, you’ve got to defend the Emperor — the question is which one do you pledge your loyalty to? One of them eats poor souls for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The other…also eats poor souls for breakfast, lunch, and dinner…okay maybe that’s a bad example. One’s a Psychic beacon for fleets that travel through space and the other one…is also a psychic beacon for fleets that travel through space.



Okay, I got this! One’s got a dozens of sons who have spread their genes to countless individuals to make them greater parts of a whole! This fighting force is able to take on any challenge, adapt, and overcome. The other…ah hell. I give up.



Wait..that’s not quite how I remember that one…



The battle for the Shadow Throne comes this weekend to pre-order. And it’s probably Heresy.

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