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‘Belle’ Review – One of Us

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Jan 22 2022

Check out The One of Us crew’s review of this new take on a classic fairy tale – Belle.

The “tale as old as time” gets a futuristic upgrade when shy schoolgirl, Suzu, enters the virtual world of “U,” and transforms into the pop singing sensation, Belle. Unfortunately for Belle, but necessary for the plot, her global VR-world fame draws the attention of The Dragon, a bruised and battered beast who is hated and feared by the rest of the U world.

Driven to discover the identity of The Dragon, while still maintaining her own secret identity, Suzu also has to navigate the complicated, and often dark, real-world of school, friends, budding romances, witnessing child abuse, and suffering PTSD from the loss of her mother, in the latest animated film by Studio Chizu.

Check out the review and see if Rose, Mindy, and Lewayne think Belle is a new animated classic or so derivative that it’ll get slapped with a lawsuit from the Disney empire.

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  • Mindy Rast-Keenan
  • Rose Mattox
  • Lewayne White

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Author: Christopher Cox
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