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Video Games: Top Five Final Fantasy Games Ranked

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Jan 14 2022

Final Fantasy is a game series almost exclusively synonymous with quality and fun, but these are some of our all-time favorites.

There sure have been a lot of Final Fantasies. None of them have been particularly final (which we’re thankful for). But there have been some absolute gems of gems throughout the years.

You pretty much can’t go wrong playing any of them. But we all know there have been a few standouts.

Final Fantasy X

Final Fantasy Ranked

With a strong storyline, a satisfying ending, and graphics that hold up twenty years later, this is a game with so much replayability. FFX is the first of the series to include fully voice acted cutscenes, features a fun minigame in Blitzball, and managed to make its most cheesy moments sweet and endearing.

I don’t now many people who claim X as their favorite Final Fantasy. But I also don’t know a single video gamer who didn’t play it or enjoy it.


Final Fantasy VII Remake

You ever see fan art that’s so gorgeous and detailed that you know the artist must have spent hours and hours thinking about nothing but the fandom that they loved so they could share it with you, another fan of said fandom? That’s what the FFIV remake feels like.


It’s a love letter to the original with updated graphics and so much more content. Sure, we only got part of the game and will have to wait for the next to (hopefully) be announced, but what we did get was a delight.


Final Fantasy VIII

Final Fantasy ranked

The only video game weapons equally as iconic as the Gunblade are also from Final Fantasy games. It’s as if the game developers said, “You know bayonets? What if we made that less practical but much cooler to look at on an early 2000s TV screen?”

FFVIII is so shrouded in nostalgia. It’s easy to forget that it also had a creative magic system, beautiful plot moments, and an aesthetic that really spoke to all of us.


Final Fantasy IX


This may be the Final Fantasy I picture when I hear the words “Final Fantasy.” Between an iconic soundtrack, the setting, air ships, and incredible design for non-human characters, it ticks every box.

Who doesn’t think of Vivi or Freya when they hear someone mention the series? This game is a combination of everything that made the other games work. But it’s mixed together and baked into something truly wonderful.


Final Fantasy VII

Way back in February 2020 I had the flu so bad (in retrospect I don’t think it was the flu). All I could do for a week was wheeze, re-watch Alien movies, and replay Final Fantasy VII on my switch in bed.

It’s been more than twenty years since its initial release. Still, this game remains not only the favorite FF, but a comfort game to so many. The game’s characters, expansive world, and good old fashion eco-terrorism makes for a video game that’s universally beloved for decades.


Which Final Fantasy game is your favorite? Have you played any multiple times? Which would you play a remake of it one were made? Let us know in the comments!

Happy Adventuring!


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