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This LEGO Crane Can Lift a Solid Wood Dining Chair

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Feb 3 2022

This twenty-three foot LEGO crane is capable of really heavy lifting.

This isn’t the first LEGO crane brick enthusiast Dawid Szmandra has built, but at over 20 feet tall when to boom is fully extended it’s the biggest. The crane is able to do some heavy lifting for its size and the fact that none of it is stabilized with glue.

Szmandra didn’t list how many bricks are in the model, but here are some other LEGO crane specs:

  • 1:24 scale scale model of Liebherr LR 11000
  • Weighs 59 1/2 lbs (27 kg)
  • Uses 4 EV3 bricks, 9 motors, 7 light sensors, 1 touch sensor
  • No glue used
  • Slewing ring uses minifig heads as rollers
  • Made 99.9% of LEGO, exceptions:
    • Printed pulley wheels, stickers, strings, etc.
    • 5kg of lead as ballast

The LEGO crane can lift a bunch of weight. Take a closer look and see what it can do in this video. It lifts Szmandra’s other LEGO builds, soda cans, and even a dining room chair.


The LEGO crane’s boom is too big to fully extend indoors, so Szmandra took it outside.

Lego Crane

In this video he tests the boom at full extension, which is nearly 23 feet and is taller than the 2 story building next to it. It can’t lift as much here, but the size alone is really impressive.


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