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D&D: Five Dragons Searching For Their Dungeon

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Apr 11 2022

For all that they’re in the name of the game, you don’t often encounter Dungeons AND Dragons in Dungeons & Dragons. Let’s fix that.

Dragons are some of the most iconic monsters in D&D – arguably the most iconic, considering they’re in the name of the game and everything. And yet, for all that, there are comparatively few dungeons where they feature in. Oh, sure, you can find many Dragons out there in the pages of the various pre-done adventures. And if you look very hard you can even find one or two in a Dungeon, but by and large, these majestic beasts are in need of a dungeon. That’s where you come in.

With a sponsorship of just one dungeon, you can provide a lair for the creatures here. Each of them brings their own network of lackeys and/or side-quests. Even a single dungeon can make a difference, so please, give generously.


Essvadafex is a Young Green Dragon, and master of a thieves’ guild known as the Scales of the Serpent. She usurped the old leader, replacing them with her magical ability to disguise herself. Under her leadership the Scales of the Serpent have flourished, branching out into more political schemes, slowly infiltrating the upper echelons of a city government. At a glance Essvadafex can call on:

1d4 Veterans

1d6 Cult Fanatics

1 Master Thief

And as many Thugs as you see fit.


However Essvadafex has found the previous thieves’ lair unsuitable for a dragon of her refinement, and is in search of a new lair. Perhaps you can help?

Pelagrius the Unfettered

Pelagrius the Unfettered is an adult Bronze Dragon who masquerades as a pirate lord called the Mauve Marauder that appears out of legend and mist, but mostly mist. Recently, Pelagrius’ secret lair, a sunken shipwreck, was unearthed and salvaged by a band of plucky kuo-toa while Pelagrius was an ocean away, indulging in fighting “human-style” on a ship with a rival pirate. Pelagrius ended up winning the fight, technically, but losing his ship in the process. He returned to find his lair gone and now is in the embarrassing prospect of needing new digs–that’s where your players come in.


D&D Dragons

Gothralming is a Black Dragon Wyrmling that rules over a tribe of kobolds. However, in recent weeks, the kobold tribe has gone missing – hey’re not in any of the usual spots. Not in the suffering pits, nor the agony pits, not even in the pit of despair. Gothralming is at a loss for what could have happened to the most loyal of subjects, which is where the adventurers might come in handy.

Gothralming’s tribe can be found enjoying quiet life in a nearby forest/ruin and consists of

2d8 Kobold Dragonshields


1d4 Kobold Inventors

3 Kobold Dragonscale Sorcerers

As many Kobolds as needed

Seven Winds

D&D Dragons

Seven Winds is an adult Blue Dragon that once dwelt in the deep desert. Recently a planar rift has opened and an outpouring of demons swarmed into the desert, only to find themselves menaced by the Dragon whose territory they have unceremoniously invaded. Seven Winds is mighty, but the Demons have the advantage of numbers and have steadily been waging a campaign of destruction to spoil the lands while Seven Winds hunts them down.

Seven Winds might be encountered in the midst of fighting:

1d6 Vrocks

2 Hezrou

1 Nalfeshnee


1 Glabrezu + 1d4 Barlguras

Any adventurers providing assistance can be rewarded, doubly so if they can clear out the Dragon’s former home.


D&D Dragons

Artharinox is a Silver Dragon Wyrmling who was raised by an order of friendly knights and clerics. Growing up hearing stories of wandering knights and heroic quests, Artharinox snuck out of the fortress-abbey they once called home, and has set off to find true examples of heroism to learn from. Naturally the Knightly Order is worried about their missing charge, having sworn an oath to an Ancient Silver Dragon to protect its sole child…

Artharinox is being searched for by:

1d8 Knights who may or may not be willing to listen to what the Dragon wants. Artharinox desperately wants adventure, perhaps your players can provide some.

At any rate, if you have a dungeon in need of a dragon, consider one of these.

Happy Adventuring!

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