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Warhammer 40K JOYTOY: Blood Angels Announced

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Apr 28 2022

Games Workshop and JOYTOY are back again with some amazing Blood Angel Action Figures!

JOYTOY has announced that the Blood Angels are getting the Action Figure treatment. We’re getting a handful of new Blood Angel Marines as well as Furioso Dreadnought. Check these out.

Blood Angel Space Marines

Brother Sergeant Ranian







Blood Angels Intercessor 1





Blood Angels Intercessor 2





Blood Angels Aggressor






Blood Angel Furioso Dreadnought

Those are some FANCY looking action figures. In total we’re getting 3 different Blood Angel Primaris Marines, a Blood Angels Aggressor, and a Furioso Dreadnought! This is a pretty impressive set of action figures. They are in the same tradition as the previous JOYTOY Space Marines which means they have a ton of weapons, gear, and posability.

I’m really digging on the options for different loadouts and doodads. You can really spruce these up to have whatever load-out you want. You could even mix them in with those with the Death Company Marines and really fill out your Blood Angel collection.

And speaking of filling out your collection how about that Furioso?! It’s looking quite posable as well. I’m really impressed with the details they managed to cram on the Action Figure. The back looks exactly like the model — only bigger! The paint jobs on all these figures are top notch, too.

JOYTOY and Games Workshop really did an amazing job with all these Action Figures. What do think of these upcoming Blood Angels?

Author: Adam Harrison
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