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Age of Sigmar: ‘Echoes of Doom’ Battlebox Coming Soon

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May 09

The Sylvaneth are throwing down against the Skaven in the new Echoes of Doom battlebox for Age of Sigmar!

Looks like all the theories were right about this new battlebox! Coming hot on the heels of the Nighthaunt and Daughters of Khaine battletome releases we’ve got the next battlebox. Say hello to the Echoes of Doom.

via Warhammer Community

“This battlebox contains everything you need to play out a grudge match between the thieving skaven and the vengeful Sylvaneth. It’s ready to play straight out of the box, and it’s perfect for going halves with a friend, starting a new army, or bolstering your existing forces.”


Echoes of Doom Battlebox

This battlebox contains two different factions as you can see above. Let’s take a closer look at each of those and also what miniatures we’re getting inside.

Sylvaneth Contents

1x Lady of Vines

5x Gossamid Archers


3x Kurnoth Hunters

1x Treelord (Spirit of Durthu)

New Models:

Lady of Vines

Gossamid Archers


It’s going to be the first place to get your hands on these new units. The Lady of Vines seems like another interesting Leader option of the Sylvaneth faction. Considering her origins, I’d expect her to be quite the beatstick (no pun intended). The Gossamid Archers also seem like an neat option to add some firepower and speed to they Sylvaneth forces.

Skaven Contents

1x Deathmaster

10x Stormvermin

20x Clanrats

1 Grey Seer on Screaming Bell

New Model:


The Deathmaster is the only new model in the box for the Skaven. That said, it’s a pretty cool assassin for the Skaven! The rest of the contents might not be new but it’s all useful. This seems like a really solid start for Skaven as you’ll be able to find a use for pretty much everything on the Skaven side of things.


This is yet more confirmation of the next battletomes. It fits in with the current pattern of GW releases of Age of Sigmar. It lines up exactly with the roadmap.

Plus we saw the books at Warhammer Fest…

But if you missed the news last week this battlebox might be a surprise for you. In anycase, Sylvaneth and Skaven are next and have a new battlebox as well! Hopefully these books show up a little bit faster than the last batch…


Battleboxes and Battletomes! I’ll take’em!


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