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D&D: ‘Lost Wave’ Of Dungeons & Dragons Toys Unleashed From The Depths Of The 80s

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May 28 2022

Toymaker NECA announced that they’ve unleashed an ancient treasure from the 1980s: a “lost wave” of never-before-produced D&D action figures.

The Dungeons & Dragons cartoon accomplished many things. But like most cartoons of the 80s, it existed primarily to sell plastic toys to children. And for three short, glorious years, the D&D Cartoon did exactly that.

But. There was one wave that was never finished. A legendary “lost wave” of mostly villains. These figures will join the lineup of 19 other figures. Announced by NECA, these lost figures are based on prototypes made—but never released—for LJN’s line of D&D Action Figures.

D&D Lost Wave Action Figures

The announement came at at SDCC. And boy howdy do these figures hit that 80s nostalgia vibe hard. You’ll find Skylla, Kelek, Pulvereye, and one hero: Valkeer.


Poor Valkeer. Everyone else in this set got pants. He doesn’t need ’em though. He’s got two weapons. AND, as you’ll see, “Battle-Matic” action. Which, you know, just means they move in a way that will knock over plastic cubes in a toy commercial. But that just adds to their mystique and appeal.

LJN originally produced these prototypes in preparation for a new wave of toys circa 83-84. LJN had plans to release many additional figures, but with the limited run of the D&D Cartoon and trouble brewing for TSR, D&D’s creator, many were never unleashed. Now the D&D toys are enjoying a second life. And not in the Linden Labs kind of way. NECA will release new Warduke and Grimsword action figures later this year.

And these will be coming soon, but as you can see, they’re convention exclusives. So if you wanna get your hands on one, you’ll want to figure out a plan.

In the meantime, get ready for more Battle-Matic action.

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