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The Five Best Dogs in ‘Dungeons & Dragons’

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May 08

For a game all about dungeons and its dragons, it sure is packed with astoundingly good dogs. Here are five of the best.

Dogs, or doggos as they’re more commonly known, have long been humanity’s best friend. This seems to be true whether the pupper is an actual dogs or a robot dog. Even when the dog happens to be a turtle. Like in Elden Ring.

Whatever your preferred dog, you’re sure to love any of the various dogs you’ll find in the roleplaying game Dungeons & Dragons.

And before you ask, yes you can pet all of these dogs.

Riding Dogs

Of the many dogs you’ll find in Dungeons & Dragons, only a stalwart few are trained to work in tandem with a rider to traverse long distances at speed, carrying important messages, or on occasion charging into battle (though who would make a sweet face like that one charge into violence? Only a horrific monster, that’s who).

Blink Dogs

These are dogs who can teleport, which makes them especially good at playing fetch. Friendly, intelligent, and supernaturally pre-disposed to being good, blink dogs might have a mean sounding snarl, but every last one of them is a big ol’ softie.


Gray Render

Gray Renders are giant monsters who will seek out a bond with a more intelligent creature that they can rely on and snuggle up to. Once a Gray Render “adopts” you, the bond is for life. For better or worse. Every Gray Render has its own unique quirks:

But that just means your Gray Render has a lot of personality.

Bonus: Hell Hounds

You might be wondering, surely these fire-breathing devil dogs that are literal infernal fiends from the various layers of hell aren’t going to make this list?  Well you’d be wrong. All dogs are good dogs.

Bonus Bonus: All the Rest of the Dogs

Every last one of ’em. Even werewolves, hound archons, Shield Guardians, and Dragon Turtles.


Behold, Dog!, and then, praise the Dog!

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