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Hit the Road with the Five Best Steeds in D&D

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May 13

Are you on the hunt for a new mount? Tired of the same old horse? Well we’re looking at the five best steeds in D&D.

An adventurer and their trusted mount are a fantasy trope almost as old as humanity. After all, domesticating animals helped us get where we are now. For better or worse. But we’re not here for existential crises, not today anyway. Today we’re here to look at some of the best mounts you can get in D&D. So grab your saddle and double check that you’re proficient in Animal Handling, because it’s time to ride.

Oh one quick note though. The correct answer to any of these is “dinosaurs.” But we couldn’t just list every dinosaur in the game – but every dinosaur you can ride is the best mount. Here are the five best non-dino mounts.

Riding Dog

Let’s start with a very good boy. The Riding Dog may not be fancy. But I mean just look at him. Wearing armor, cool pouches. This puppo is ready to romp and will be even better with a halfling or gnome or better yet a lil goblin or kobold riding atop it.

Yes you can get weirder with a riding bird, like an Axe Beak. Yes that’s a good fantasy trope. But with a mount your whole party can pet, this one has four legs up on the others.


Moorbounders, out of Explorer’s Guide to Wildemount, put most other land-based mounts to shame. These beasts can run at a speed of 70 feet per round, and have a standing long jump of up to 40 feet. They also have a pretty decent attack. But it’s the speed that puts them over the top.



Not only was he one of Forbes 30 under 30…oh wait, Griffon, never mind.

While this mount doesn’t host a livestream RPG podcast, a humorous advice show, or Monster Factory, this Griffon can fly. So that’s pretty good too. Griffons are a classic fantasy flying mount. Almost as classic as the Pegasus. But these get Multiattack and Keen Sight, meaning they might help you spot a threat. Plus a fly speed of 80 feet means you can always be where you need to be.

Giant Spider

Are you worried you won’t have your mount because you’re going into a cave? DM telling you your horse is afraid of the dark? Not enough room for your Griffon to spread their wings? Then you need a Giant Spider.

Giant Spiders inarguably can go in almost any environment. And with a climb speed of 30 ft., they can take you anywhere. Just make sure you’ve got the right kind of saddle to stay attached. Plus, you can web up an enemy or an area if you need to!

Star Lancer


Finally we have the Star Lancer. Just look at this majestic celestial. Not only is it intelligent. It has 60 hit points and an AC of 15, making it one of the more resilient mounts on the list. Star Lancers are technically the transformed/reincarnated souls of a dead god’s worshippers. But when they die, they instantly return, fully formed, in the Great Cavern whence they came.

A Star Lancer has a few things that help it top the charts. First, they’re new. And anything new is exciting. Secondly, they have Flyby, which means a Star Lancer doesn’t provoke opportunity attacks when flying by an enemy. Third, they have the ability to turn itself and one chosen rider, invisible three times per day — but the invisibility has no inherent duration. Flying invisible star-sharks? Are you kidding me?

These things rule.

What are your picks for best mount in D&D?

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