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Goatboy’s Warhammer 40K: My First Event With Chaos Knights – YIKES!

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May 23 2022

Goatboy here and I just got back from my first tournament with Chaos Knights. The Alamo 40K GT was a big surprise!

The Alamo 40K GT is a nice localish event in the great city of San Antonio. It was a 6 round event (too many! Should just do 4 go to top 8) and somehow I survived it.

I even played all 6 games and went 4-2. YIKES!


My losses were to an Imperial Knight army on stream from a nice guy named David and another loss to Tyranids (they are not playing the same game as other armies) piloted by another great Texan named Reuben. I stomped on some Grey Knights, some Space Wolves, and another Tyranid army.

My First List

Chaos Knight Super Heavy Detachment
Custom Iconoclast Household – Frenzied Invaders (6’s to hit in Melee cause an additional hit)

Knight Despoiler – Despoiler Gatling Cannon, Reaper Chainsword, Mark of the Dreadknight, Warlord – Eager for the Kill/(-1CP) Knight Diabolus, Relic – Panoply of the Cursed Knights – 475pts

Knight Abominant – Psychic – Winds of the Warp, The Storm Malevolent, Blessing of the Dark Master, Warlord Trait (-1CP) – Infernal Quest, Relic (-1CP) – Veil of Medrengard – 460pts


War Dog Stalker X 3 – Daemonbreath Spear X 3, Reaper Chaintalon X 3, Aura of Corruption, Diabolus Heavy Stubber X 3 – 460pts

War Dog Stalker X 3 – Daemonbreath Spear X 3, Reaper Chaintalon X 3, Diabolus Heavy Stubber X 3, Mirror of Fates – 450pts

War Dog Karnivore X 1 – Diabolus Heavy Stubber, Throne Mechanicum of Skulls – 155pts

PTs: 2000 CP: 9

Chaos Knights Lessons Learned

Here are some things I learned. Your Daemonspear Melta gun on your War Dogs is strength 9. My Imperial Knight game on stream I thought it was 8 and I “failed” a lot. I also didn’t know my stubbers were Strength 5.  What you should learn from this is you should really play a game with the army before going to an event.

I sorta liked my list but the Desecrator was bad almost every game. The 3 shot relic gun did almost nothing in every game. I missed with it a ton, failed to wound a ton, and then just watched as a Maleceptor makes a ton of 4+ saves. It was only good when it assaulted. I would advise not taking one if you thought about it.


The Abominant was aces most games and while I liked the no rerolls the Warp Stalker teleport is probably the best. Just being able to pull it up into the warp and set it up to bowling ball into an opponent with some crazy warlord trait options seems perfect. You can always ensure it does something as your War Dogs can hide behind obscuring terrain.

On the front of War Dogs, the executioner with the Auto Cannons might be must take as the guns now have Ap -2. Going infernal, making a unit it 3 Dreadblades, and drop ignore cover might just be the juice you need to wreck things.

I’m Smitten

I still plan on playing this army for the next few events and have a good lock on a list that will let me have more options. It’s going Infernal with one big bowling ball knight and 10 mixed War Dogs to help even things out. I need to test some load outs to find the secret sauce.

Oh and the Dread table did some fun things but I wish it did more. Against some of these armies it just doesn’t seem to matter. Still causing things to fail charges is so cruel.

I think I’m in love with this new army. For the Warmaster!

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