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May D&D Sale Discounts More Than 16,000 Supplements from 1E to 5E

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May 09

Throughout May, DrivethruRPG’s May D&D Sale has more than 16,000 supplements discounted so they can sit, unread, in your digital bookshelf.

Gaming is about one thing and one thing only. Having an impressive library of titles from which you play maybe five or six on any kind of regular basis. It’s a tradition even older than your Steam library, and that goes back nineteen years now. And whether we’re talking board games, video games, or tabletop RPGs, there’s something to be said for having a shelf full of games you’ll definitely play one day.


And this month on DriveThruRPG there are more than sixteen thousand D&D supplements on sale. I didn’t know there were sixteen thousand tabletop RPGs, let alone sixteen thousand D&D specific books. And so many of them will look impressive in your DriveThruRPG library. Just make sure you casually leave it open in a tab sometime.

The DriveThruRPG May D&D Sale

Okay but how are there even 16,000 D&D titles in the first place? DriveThruRPG has cast a truly wide net for their May Sale. Comprising titles from throughout the various editions, the May D&D sale can take you from D&D’s beginning to the present.

At press time, DriveThruRPG hadn’t yet violated temporal causality, offering products from the end of D&D. Unless you happen to think 5th Edition is the end of D&D. But even if you do, there’s good news — practically all of 2nd Edition is on sale too.

You can find titles like the 1st Edition Player’s Handbook, which can take you to where it all began. You can find titles like Minsc and Boo’s Journal of Villainy, aka the stealthiest WotC-official, 5th Edition release of all time.


But it doesn’t stop with classic or present D&D titles either. Third-party supplements are on sale too. You’ll find classics like The Lazy DM’s Workbook. And alongside those, newer titles, like Ancestry and Culture or City Pointcrawl Generator.

New races? Extra classes? All of that’s here and more. You can even try out whole new adaptations of D&D. If you’ve been wanting to jump into Level Up: Advanced 5th Edition, all those titles are on sale too.

Whatever your flavor of D&D, there’s something for you hear. But the sale only lasts through the rest of the month. So spend some time looking at the main sale page. Maybe you’ll find something that’ll look great in your library. And who knows, if you get all 16,000 titles, you might actually play a new one.

Happy Adventuring!


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