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Outside the Box – May 13th

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May 13

Here we go again, this week with news from Corvus Belli, Atomic Mass Games, TT Combat, Perry Miniature, Knight Models, Artel W Miniatures and more!

The first Warcrow miniatures has been revealed by Corvus Belli:–> More Corvus Belli News

Atomic Mass Games offers new Marvel Crisis Protocol sets: –> More Atomic Mass Games News

The new The Batman two-player starter set can now be pre-ordered from Knight Models:–> More Knight Models News

Artel W Miniatures published new preview pictures:  –> More Artel W Miniatures News

A new plastic set can be pre-ordered from Perry Miniatures: –> More Perry Miniatures News

TT Combat presents upcoming terrain:–> More TT Combat News

And Rubicon Models published a new preview picture: –> More Rubicon Models News

And here are the new Kickstarter campaigns:

3D Layered Scenery – Ancrabourg: A modular medieval harbor

Yedharo Models – 3D Printing Miniatures 3.0 


3D Printing Samurai – The Hive Queen / Space Bugs / Kill Gang Leader

Carthage Must Be Destroyed – Fleur-de-lys Tabletop Game Dice

Bless3D Design – Model Bases Vol.2 (STL)

LSR Atelier – Sci-Fi Outpost: 28-32mm Stl files

DnD Wizards – Calamity of the seas and dice

Fantasy Designs – Fantasy Mansion 2

Jorge Fernando Sanz – 💀 Hunting Packs of Dogs miniatures 🐶


Tread Heads – MK VI Landship Modular 3D Printable Tank

Stratation Design – Printable Dice Artefacts Vol 1

Slimane Sihem – Nightmare from the Void, Second WAVE

Tabletop 3D Props – PANZER COLLECTION Tabletop Games STL 

Minhotas Studio – Labirinto de Cogumelos 2 3D Printable Environment

Arenpi Dungeon Party – The Desert Guest House

Ismael Prieto – Tyrants Of The Space

Calab Miniatures – 28mm Spartan Army

Koval Liudmila – Watch tower! 3d printable set


Metal Gear – Tabletop Games with Metal Gear Dice

Ignacio Ruiz Diaz – 7Sins Demons miniatures 

Lore Miniatures – The Altirvun Battalion set

Taiga Miniatures – LIVIS biostation: miniatures and terrain

Kuber Vazquez – WAR ON OLYMPUS / 3D printing/Only STL Files

Little Dragon Games – 3d Printable House 

Game Toppers – Game Toppers 3.5


Luis Donaldo Meza – HEROICAS FIGURE 9 3D Print STL

Moliponchik – Stylized village


Mattie V – Angel of the Morning

Compass Games – Enemy Action: Kharkov

Mythreal Games – Sisters of the Dawn

Marshall Meilunas – Minotaur Warrior STLs

Tetrahedron Games – Tomes of Magic Dice Tower

Dani Amengual – Small Chapel STL

Wonder Drop Studio – The Forest Creatures

AntiMatter Games – Darkstar Rift 3D Printable Miniatures Game


Dave Taylor Miniatures – THE ART OF… Volumes 4-6


And if you want to stay up to date, head over to the Tabletop Fix! Slava Ukraini!

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