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Warhammer 40K: Chaos Combat Patrol Pricing Breakdown

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May 10

Chaos is getting a new Combat Patrol. What sort of a deal can we expect from this new boxed set? Let’s crunch some numbers!

We’re on the verge of Chaos…or at least a new Chaos Codex. And yesterday GW announced a new Chaos Space Marine Combat Patrol. We already know the contents and we also know the price point (because it’s the same for the Combat Patrols). So let’s take a closer look at the prices and do some quick math!

Chaos Space Marine Combat Patrol Pricing Breakdown

1 Dark Apostle + 2 Dark Disciples $38

10 Chaos Space Marine Legionaries $60

5 Havocs $60

1 Hellbrute $60

Total Individual MSRP $218

Combat Patrol Pricing $150


Savings $68

This one is a fairly open and shut case. If you pick up this box you’re basically saving the cost of that Hellbrute and a few more bucks. Personally, I’d say that’s the weakest part of the contents — but that’s just because I’d rather run a lot of Chaos Marines in my Chaos Marine army. I’ve never been a fan of Cultists taking over the basic trooper slot but that’s a whole other rant.

Peat, Repeat, No-Peat?

That’s said, let’s rate this box based on my very scientific scale of Peat, Repeat, or No-peat. As always we need to split this one out for our Veteran Players and our new players looking to start a Chaos Space Marine army.

For our Veteran CSM Players I’d rate this one a Peat…But only if you still need any of these models. And if we’re being honest, you probably don’t “need” any of these models because you probably already have them. It’s not a bad buy for the contents and maybe you need to fill out some slots. If you think you’re going to need a Dark Apostle and a bunch of Chaos Marines why not snag the extra Hellbrute?

As for our new Chaos Players, I’d say a Repeat is warranted. Two boxes would be plenty here. If it wasn’t a Dark Apostle, I might have even said go for 3. But you’re probably going to have a hard time fitting two in your lists (unless you’re planning on playing Word Bearers). They (Dark Apostles) aren’t bad and it sounds like their Priestly powers might be getting some love in the next book. But two is probably plenty for a collection.

Next Steps?

Having 20 Chaos Legionaries and 10 Havocs is a good core. Plus you’ll get 2 Hellbrutes and they are a lot more fun to run in packs. From there you’ve got lots of ways to expand. You’ll probably want to pick your Legion and then lean into that playstyle. If you go classic Black Legion Abaddon is a good next step. Maybe a transport? Daemon Engines? Terminators? How do YOU want to do it? You’ve got options. Oh and plan on snagging that Codex, too!


The Chaos Codex is coming soon and the Combat Patrol is, too!

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